Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Internet vs. Government

Dana Moore writes about the incompatibility between government and the philosophy of the internet.  He makes a good point about why the Internet would not have succeeded if born into the present environment of over-regulation. 

He closes by quoting the Declaration of Independence -- citing the people's right to abolish the government they create.  Doesn't he realize the PATRIOT ACT makes that a crime?

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Isn't access what education is about?

A friend of mine emailed me concerning this piece with the comment - "This is what people who really care about learning should do."

He's right.

MIT's Open-Course Project. From Ho Chi Minh City to Nashville, Tennessee, students are flocking to MIT's new program to post about 2,000 classes on the Web, for free. Meet the global geeks getting an MIT education, open-source style. By David Diamond of Wired magazine. [Wired News]

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