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  Friday, May 2, 2003

I propose a change to the Java language

This is a really minor tweak, but I would like to add three new keywords to class data definitions:
  • readwrite - automatically generates "invisible" getter/setter methods
  • read - automatically generates "invisible" getter method
  • write - automatically generates "invisible" setter method
I was thinking of this yesterday while I was adding JavaDoc comments to all the classes that I have written for a client - but, I skipped commenting the getter/setter methods.

Then, I started thinking about how much cleaner the code would be without having to expressly write getters/setters - just add a keyword like this:

    private readwrite String lastName;
Smart editors like Emacs and IntelliJ could show variables with one of these three keywords in a slightly different color, as a reminder to the programmer that "invisible" getters/setters are available.

One of the things that I really like about Common Lisp is how concise code is - 1000 ines of Lisp code generally does a lot more than 1000 lines of Java or C++ code. A smaller codebase makes for easier maintenance and modifications.
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