mardi 23 mars 2004

Narrated demo of XML/XSLT with the editor

In a comment to an earlier post, James took me up on the offer for a narrated demo of using the oxygen XML editor for XSLT. The linked page is a 1.7 Mb Flash file, so, errrm, be careful. It is a 5 min demo, narrated (thus you need speakers), showing a basic transformation and how oxygen can automatically "learn" your structure.

I could have made the movie smaller by lowering the frame rate and pausing while I did all the typing. However, I wanted to show the autocomplete feature, at the expense of a larger file. Still, Camtasia Studio gave me nice output with very little work. Hope it's useful.

FWIW, Komodo is a nice XML environment as well. It has the one feature I miss the most in oxygen, which is an XSLT debugger. This is just wildly useful in Komodo: set a breakpoint in an XSLT file, and watch as the result document is rendered, stepwise. Still, oxygen makes a nicer XML environment, as it is really geared towards XML semantics (such as enforcing the XSLT schema and learning structure).
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