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Friday, September 19, 2003

Yesterday I posted help (want blogroll to go horizontal) and thanks again to David Phillips/Tweezerman...we got this working..check out the sexymagick category to see my new blogroll horizontally on the page.

The reason I wanted to have my blogroll go horizontal is because I'm using bryan bell theme, discreet radio blog in black which has the navigator links horizontally across the page but I could never figure out how to get the blogroll that I was using to look the same as the navigator links. I knew it was in the css style code but wasn't sure where. I ended up creating a new blogroll specifically for the horizontal view..too much information filled up the top of the page.

How to make this work for you, Changing Blogroll Format to Horizontal View

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Newbie Tips

Today I decided to try David Phillips javascript Tweaking Radio's HTML editors (both of them!) to change the fonts used by the built-in HTML editor, works great. I'm using Courier New font for this post.

If I could figured out the font family for Comic Sans Ms then I'd be good.

I'd also like to be able to change the font colors available..I haven't ever used darkgoldenrodgray or olive and would like to change them to mediumvioletred and slateblue and dodgerblue, I'm assuming that with a little modification to David's script that I can change the colors but not sure which way it should be, possibly one of these

document.forms(0).elements(4).options(17).style = 'color:mediumvioletred';
document.forms(0).elements(4).options(17).value = 'mediumvioletred';

document.forms(0).elements(4).options(17).style.color = 'mediumvioletred';
document.forms(0).elements(4).options(17).value = 'mediumvioletred';

Thanks David..this is great!!!! So much easier than changing the hard coded script in Radio and this way doesn't wipe out changes with each radio.root update.

Update..we figured out the font family of Comic Sans MS - its Comic Sans MS - using it from the drop down box now

and the correct code for changing the colors in the drop down box is (whereas 13 was olive and 15 was darkgoldenrod)

document.forms(0).elements(5).options(13).style.color = 'mediumvioletred';
document.forms(0).elements(5).options(13).text = 'mediumvioletred';

document.forms(0).elements(5).options(15).style.color = 'slateblue';
document.forms(0).elements(5).options(15).text = 'slateblue';

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Newbie Tips

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