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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I'm in contractor hell...bathroom remodel has been updated for day two...I was thinking of putting each day into a separate story but not sure if I should just continue with one big story..any thoughts? What would be would be easier to read?

Astrology category updated..

For Tolkien lovers - Hoom! Maps - Walking Directions

Cat funnies: found the cat yesterday..she got into the neighbor's backyard..she can squeeze herself through an opening in their gate but is too fat to jump back over the fence by herself..that was fun, had to put a chair on the other side of the fence..call her, get to jump into the chair and lift her over the fence..(its a little chainlink fence about 4ft tall) and she did it again this morning..the cats are totally afraid of the contractors...definetly wouldn't hire them again.. You must pass the cat test in this house :)

just got a great new idea for a theme....

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background is set to darkblue and fgcolor is set to dodgerblue..trippy in the edit box - this is an example of what I was beta testing....totally cool script..

testing again bgcolor option is dark blue, if individual words change colors you have to use the color font box and not change the fgcolor box in order for the text to remain the color you want it to show up on the actual post..this looks cool....if you only want to see what it looks like then use the fgcolor to change the text and after post/publish it will be the default color of the theme.

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