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Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to get the state of california to buy you cigarettes (while I'm not advocating smoking in any form, I do smoke, yea I should quit, someday I will but until then, here's how you get the state of california to buy you cigarettes)

buy two lottery tickets for 2 dollars each

when 31.00

use the money to buy 1 lottery ticket and the rest to buy cigarettes

so I spent 4 dollars and didn't have to pay for my cigarettes, the state of california bought them for me.

one of the best things ever...


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...little annoyed with the payperpost thing, it told me it couldn't approve my latest post because "Unfortunately, the link provided does not lead directly to the sponsored post. Please adjust this link and re-submit it to us for review" ok, in which planet do they live in? I've linked to the sponsor more than once, I used their links although I did fix the coding on the links, they still work! So exactly why can't they approve the post? Unless its because when they click on the link I provided for the post, it also shows several other posts I made that same day, which in that case, if I can only blog about one payperpost thing and nothing else, then maybe its not worth it, or this particular payperpost site isn't the right one for me..because when I blog, it may be all at once with a payperpost thing thrown in the mix..although there seem to be several other sites that might be better than payperpost like ihype, payingpost and payu2blog (which even has contest for blogging and the pay looks better)
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Have you ever received a file from someone that has Microsoft Office 2007 and you can't open it? I had a client sent me a word document with a docx extension and I couldn't open it. I sent her back an email and told her I couldn't open that format, she said it was a word doc and I had to go find a docx converter to open the file, also sent her back an email telling her in the future it would be helpful if she could save her file in a backwards compatible format so that people who haven't upgrade to Office 2007 could open her files, fortunately for her, I'm tech savy and can go find a converter to open such files. She told me that she talked to her IT guy and now understood what the problem was and resent me the file in a doc extension. But in general how would people know the difference? *

This site docx2doc offers docx to doc conversion online for only 7.95 per year or you can buy the program for 19.95 but you get a free trial period for 30 days and its the program I used to convert my docx file to a doc file to read it and print it. Depending on how often you get these strange xlsx or docx files and how secure you need it to be, depends on whether or not you use the online version or download the program. I opted to download the trial version and have yet to get another strange file I could not open, although if I get one of those strange files, I'll be using my docx to doc converter program to open the file. Anyways here's a link if you need it: convert docx files online

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