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    Monday, December 01, 2008

    ever wonder what your tags might be or what to put for your own tags, check out feedage.com

    just plain cute: http://www.swcp.com/~jamii/OtherCats/

    trying out another pay post thingy, you wonder why am I doing these? umm, its cold in here, I need heat and while it might not pay for most of it, a girl can try to generate a little income from blogging maybe if these sites stop telling me my blog is new. The latest one(payingpost) sent me an email that said and here I was going to write a glorious review for them because they were better, not after #3.

    1. You don't have minimum 10 posts - seriously what planet are they on? I have over 500 posts, probably more since I've been doing this since 2003 and actually got my archives working again
    2. Your Alexa value is low - its not that low
    3. Your site isn't in English - huh? yes, I am writing in an alien tongue, its not english, you are correct, its alien english, seriously huh?

    a message to the boy with the shoes: ok, so I don't disappear well on command, check your email

    also need to update my home page template, just discovered what stumble upon does and how do I integrate tags into radio?? another thing to ponder for another day

    oh yea - message to Zy - want work, call me please, I need help

    another thing that's annoying lately - why do websites not optimize for IE6, yes I know I should be using firefox but I'm lazy and don't want to figure it out but some sites just completely don't work in IE6, only for IE7 - if I wanted to upgrade, I would but I don't want to, it will break things on my end. Most of those weird sites just don't get my attention.

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