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    Sunday, December 07, 2008

    ok, so someone asked me what it feels like to be bipolar, its hard to explain, although the boy with the shoes explained it really well once, although who knows what he's yapping about these days, penny angel, aww, you just talk to it and it might talk back to you but back to bipolarness (yep, probably not a word) but he said "I think faster, smarter and more creatively than before.  I require less, or even no sleep, able to function exceptionally for days at a time between periods of rest.  I speak faster, more persuasivly, more eloquently.  I become capable of processing multiple distinct sets of data at the same time, gaining an ability to multitask efficiently with little to no context switch cost.  I am capable of multiplexing conversations, intertwining threads of multiple complex topics serially and efficiently"  For me, its alot like his description except that I can not stay up for more than a couple of days before I require re-charge and I need at least a full 12 hour day of recharge, there are times when I'm incredibly hyper and energtic yet on the verge of tears and moody and just plain annoyed with everyone around me. There are days I can sit and stare at the computer and nothing gets accomplished, its like I'm asleep, I start to feel just incredibly tired almost like when you the flu, your body is crying rest damn it, stop and rest. After a couple of days on hyper energy, I'm craving protein, lots and lots of protein, especially eggs lately and then I'm back to a normal schedule, I feel normal, I'm neither hyper energy or in a state of re-charge, I'm back to feeling normal, a normal sleep schedule, a normal even flow mood. I do notice that I am more creative when in a hyper energy mode than when I'm feeling normal. Normal for me will last a few days to a few weeks then I'm back to a hyper mania, then a mixed mania then essentially a recharge state for a day or two then it cycles all over again. I'm starting to get the hang of it and see how and where its affecting me and when I need to just slow down and recharge. I don't know if I've adequately described it or not but hopefully that person that asked maybe understands it a little more. I think for every person that's bipolar, its probably a little different feeling for them, I think it depends on how each of us deal with it individually.
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    so this cool little site, North Umbria Numbers in the Border County of Northumberland also known as "The Secret Kingdom" has a way to for you to pick and search for your own private number plates and I think its also a way to collect license plate numbers but I think the whole idea of North Umbria Numbers is that you can figure out what private/cherished number plate you want and/or buy a pre-existing one that has value or transfer an exisiting number plate to another vehicle. The laws in the UK regarding private number plates is a little confusing to me but I assume if you live there, it all quite make perfect sense.

    As I was reviewing this website, I was most interested in where this "Secret Kingdom" was located, its an interesting tale, situated between the spine of England, the North Sea and the land of the Scots it has been fought over by Picts, Scots, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, English and Normans, it has its own language, a strong musical tradition, and many old ways and customs that have survived the march of time.

    Definetly its own language, the concept of private number plates and ageless car registrations is a foreign concept to me however North Umbria Numbers looks like they can handle all those strange forms and process for you to get your own private number plate. 

    After looking at the site some more, I thought I'd try to figure out my own private plate number, apparently first two letters give the region of the country where the car was first registered, followed by two numbers which give the age of the car and then three random letters , so if I lived in Ipswich (btw, I have no idea where that's at), my first letter would have to be A and then my second letter would be whatever I wanted it to be, my next two numbers would have to be the age of the car, lets assume I'm using my car which is 2009.. so A(anynumber)51 JLS and since 09 isn't an option, I choose 51 because you can put a 51 but not an 03 if the car is an 09 and my nickname w/o vowels and it does a search for you to open options..came up with this one: AH51 JLS and for £702, its all mine (wait what does that equate to in US Dollars:  1,025.34).

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    omg, i so get the payperpost thingy, because radio doesn't have specific titles on the post - like my link goes here: http://radio.weblogs.com/0119318/2008/12/07.html#a1515 and not to the Title of the Post and when I post several things in one day, the pay per post thing doesn't get a full day of attention - weird, you'd think they would understand that several post in one day is ok, you think it would show you're blogging and such but whatever..so I'm blogging one thing per day, totally stumps my creative thought process - but I'll just stick this thought somewhere else temporarily, get the pay thing approved and stick this back on the same date/home page, then again for 7.00 if they don't approve it, that review can get deleted..arrggghhh.... the pirates are attacking...ah ha, the pirates have responded: "I apologize for the incorrect review. What it is, is that our reviewers are not used to this style of blog where the individual url's snap to the posts. Please resubmit these posts, and we shall review them properly."  ok, so they did respond and now I know what its so hard to do these pay thingys, all the hurdles one must jump to if the reviewers have never seen your type of blog, wordpress is not the lone blog concept out there...i will swim through the muddle, eventually it might pay off..
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    hmmm, 100 words, link and wordpress templates...lets see what does one say about wordpress templates. I have several wordpress sites and I design wordpress themes as well...and wish I had found this site before wordpress templates, it spells out in layman's terms what a wordpress template actually does and it says that you change the files to form different templates for your wordpress site while usually the header and footer stay the same, although I keep seeing that you can change the themes depending on the page, I have yet to figure out how to make it work. Anyways, wordpress templates defines wordpress in a simple way and they have about 60 free templates to choose from, another place to find new fresh template designs for your wordpress site unless you know php, css and sql, using a template someone else has designed is the easiest.  And if you're a wordpress designer and feel like sharing your theme, they even have a place where you can upload your theme to share * check them out if your interested, another place to find a free wordpress template

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