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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    You too if you have good credit, can drive away in a brand new car for free!!

    So I bought my new car on 11/09/08 and as of yet, I still am not financed for the car because apparently the people who make those decisions aren't the people that make those decisions or the people that do make those decisions do not understand how S Corporation work or how people that work from themselves take $$ out of their own companies to pay their bills, like what else am I going to do with the money just let it sit there, of course not, I'm going to spend it but I'm not neccessarily going to write myself a paycheck everytime I want money. What I wonder is how can you be in a credit or finance department of company and not understand basic accounting principles, ah ha, that's why the government is bailing out those big companies because the people that work there are stupid?

    I am still paying for the loan on the truck that I traded in for the new car and why you ask because it will fuck up my credit if I default on the loan and yet I don't even have the vehicle anymore, neither does the place I traded it in

    Today I took matters into my own hands, instead of relying on the car company to help me finance my new car, I decided to go to my bank and see if I could get an auto loan. Instead of waiting what seems like forever to get a loan and millions and millions of paperwork given and yet no one seems to have seen the paperwork and never an answer back because the person who makes the decisions isn't the person who makes the decisions, the bank will let me know in 1 day. Now if all my clients would pay me on time and right now, I could walk into the dealership and hand them the money for the car but people like all people seem to like having their things taken care of but don't like to pay for it.

    So I guess on the bright side of things, I have a brand new Saturn Vue. I'm not giving it back. I'm still paying for something I don't own anymore but its definetly a lower payment than the new car will be and I got a free car. Yea me...

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    Not often do I see a chance of snow in Concord, especially when I have just left the city and its warmer there than here, the fog on the freeway was intense, slowed me down, I could barely see the lanes in front of me..

    Wind: N at 0 mph
    Humidity: 100%

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