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    Friday, December 19, 2008

    maybe nothing is so much better  than sitting here all day trudging through the endless mass of paperwork to feel like 12 hours later you still haven't accomplished anything at all
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    Interim posts must also be of a reasonable length, at least one (1) paragraph, three (3) to five (5) sentences. If your blog's interim posts lack quality PayPerPost may terminate your account.

    Who are they to say if you posts lack quality, what may be not quality to one, may be quality to another. And who started the rules about the length of a post anyways? Sometimes one sentences says it all - although probably not in my head, when I start to dump it all out, it sorta of comes out in a heap yet it may not be structured as a sentence.

    Your last non Opportunity-related post must have been within the seven (7) days immediately preceding your Opportunity-related post. After any break in blog activity of seven plus (7+) days, interim posts, that is, posts between Opportunity-related posts, submitted on the same day as your paid Opportunity-related posts will not count towards this requirement.

    Oh wow, I can't disappear for very long and I can't just check in and say 1 sentence of something, interesting, didn't realize

    so many rules but I got to say if you can get pass the strange links that aren't coded correctly and the transparent images which are a pain to insert and you find opportunities that pay high enough and actually are interesting to research, you could be like me and have it cover your merchant fees on your business account - at least it helps a little.

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