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    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Have you ever wanted to have a christmas party but had no idea where to begin with planning the party? What christmas party games should you have your guests play? What will you serve? How will you decorate? This site * Celebrations makes it easy for you to plan your party with everything you'll need to have a holiday party in style. In the essence of showing how easy this site make it to plan your party, lets plan a virtual party right here

    Drinks: cocktails infused with peppermint or chocolate, how about Mexican hot chocolate or baileys in martini glasses rim with chocolate and sprinkles or Santa's Hat and if the ideas on Celebrations aren't what you're looking for then maybe they'll inspire you to remember some of your favorite classic drinks like peppermint hot chocolate

    Food: I think I'll go with candy treats, christmas used to be the time my mom made all kinds of delicious candy treats from fudge to divinity to gingerbread cookies and now I'm inspired to make some divinity and those gingerbread cookies I've been wanting to make. And oh toffee, that would be good with the peppermint hot chocolate

    Now for the christmas party games, my party would probably have the dirty santa game, its a tradition with most of my friends but alas my friends and I have a twist to the game, bring one naughty and one nice gift, we roll the dice, if you get a seven or eleven you get to choose a gift or steal a gift and you get to roll again

    I've got the makings of a great christmas party, now if only the house wasn't under construction. Although I might be making the divinity and peppermint hot chocolate and the gingerbread cookies and definetly trying out Santa's hat soon, so stop by, you never know what you might find.

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