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    Monday, December 08, 2008

    1. I do not do anything on command, I am not a dog

    2. If you don't see the value in having a friendship with me, you will eventually, trust me on this one.

    3. Sometimes I see things in words, you don't see, doesn't mean its not viable information.

    4. Facebook and Twitter have their advantages

    5. I have responsibilities, just because you want to play doesn't mean I always have time or want to for that matter.

    6. Just because you don't like surprises, doesn't mean everyone doesn't.

    7. Sometimes the day is overwhelming, if I stop answering your text messages or answering the phone, probably means I'm busy, stop bugging me, I'll get to you eventually

    8. The pay per post thing actually works, I got money

    9. I forgot, I am a writer, maybe a poetry contest or writing grant or two..extra money, maybe

    10. and from the rules: permanent press is the most mysterious of wash cycles

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    Week 306
    1. Love affair :: the best of the best one in history, he knows he could have been
    2. Bubble :: pink
    3. Pimple :: yuck and where did they all come back from?
    4. Knocks :: your socks off
    5. Persistent :: resistence
    6. Infected :: like a wart, he never goes away and he only lives 2 ft away
    7. Yay! :: hip hip hooray!
    8. Repaint :: the ceiling
    9. Daily :: shower
    10. Quickly! :: run in the other direction, quickly shout aloud

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