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    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    changes, lets see if this works and a 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6, 7 ~ moving things around and 8 and last one. Stop. had to do a little cleanup, especially after adding widgets and things. Stop. Reorganizing, avoiding working, you know all that jazz, hmm, 4 columns?, no, 4 columns way too weird, off centered. Had to add the Stops because as you know payperpost english doesn't allow for only one thought generated before and after a payperpost post. Who writes like that? If I have one general thought, I don't want to stop and think, am I making complete sentences here. Although the payperpost thing is paying for my merchant fees on paypal - so its a good concept, but rules, are rules really me? And yes that is probably a run on sentence (s).
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    I've been searching for just that perfect timesheet that still looks like an excel spreadsheet but isn't an excel timesheet, something to help me show productivity levels on projects for my clients and I think I might have found the one I've been looking for from Altantic Global's time tracking software...its looks like an excel spreadsheet yet in database system. The issues I've been experiencing in trying to setup some of my clients away from excel, is that they're old-school, still have barely mastered the function of excel and excel gets cumbersome to management from a billing perspective, I have to take the data from the spreadsheets put them into another spreadsheet, sort that one, put into another spreadsheet and send out billing questions. Atlantic Global system looks like you can do all that and management projects in one place instead of having to manage spreadsheet upon spreadsheet. So why do I like this possible option anyways? It looks easy to configure from what I've seen of the demos however the quick demo tutorials could be a little larger, they're kind of hard to see. They have a 30 day trial period to check out the product, those are always good, if I can show my client how it works or even set it up for several clients that would be excellent - although I haven't gotten the trial product yet, I'm interested in to see how it works and the most important reason, if I can show my clients that using a database system saves them time and will show them profitability of their projects, saves me from having to figure out how to create those reports from Quickbooks. Although I wonder if it integrates with Quickbooks or not. And Altantic Global's website actually tells you the price of the product, that is always a plus, sites that don't tell you their prices, usually don't get me interested. Although I'm curious of this is an on-demand solution only or if its also a stand alone product, wait, just read its available as a stand alone product as well, I don't know if I can sell my clients on the price per year but I could probably sell them on a stand alone product unless I distribute the price over several clients, oh that might be a good way to generate extra income for me. So I signed up for my 30 day trial, lets see what happens.

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    So apparently if you speak payperpost thingy, you must have 3-5 sentences of original content before you do a payperpost thingy, you can't just have a cute little quiz posted right before you post a payperpost thing. One sentence down, now what to write for sentence 2, 3, 4 and 5. Does blah blah blah count? Oh yes, it does because now I'm up to 4 sentences. So beware if you speak payperpost - you must speak in sentences. Ha..now for the actual cute thing I originally posted


    You Speak General American English!
    60% General American English

    25% Yankee

    10% Dixie

    0% Midwestern

    0% Upper Midwestern

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