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    Thursday, January 01, 2009

    working on a client's file and downloading information from their bank account to Quickbooks, came across this interesting note: Intuit, the provider of QuickBooks, does not officially support the IIF file format. 

    Whoa, wait a minute, Intuit does not support their own format? So I looked it up, maybe Intuit didn't start the IIF file format but lo and behold, the defintion of IIF is: The IIF file format, Intuit Interchange Format is a proprietary text file used by Intuit's Quickbooks software for importing and exporting lists and transactions.  So I'm wondering, why doesn't Intuit officially support their own proprietary text file format? Is that like if something goes wrong with an import, we're not responsible - head in the sand kinda of thing?

    On that note, I cancelled my proadvisor membership, I don't think I've ever gotten a referral from it, I can't pass the test, its a monster of a test, each section is takes between 10-20 hours to complete that include study time, who has that kind of time? The answer I would use are always wrong according to them, although I've been using the software for years and my answer seems to work correctly, some of the technical questions don't even make sense and its expensive 549/year for a service I never use but they still got me, I need the payroll section, so I still had to buy that subscription per year.


    Another interesting thing I came across in my mail from a credit card vendor:
    Information Update:
    Please Note:
    You may no longer make minimum payments in advance. You must pay the Total Minimum Due each billing cycle. We will no longer apply any portion of payments made in current billing cycles to Total Minimum Due Amounts in future billing cycles.

    Am I missing something? I can't make my min payments in advance? What if I want to pay my min payment due a week earlier than the due date? I can't do that anymore? (I have no idea which credit card bill this was from, I'm suspecting home depot, but not sure) But doesn't it seem odd with all the credit cards companies having issues that they would want to stop people from making the min payments earlier than their due date?

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