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    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Unconscious Mutterings (oops missed a week - so 2 weeks in one)

    Week 309

    1. Destined :: Failed
    2. FAIL :: holy crap
    3. Camping :: not
    4. Only you :: can do it right? Only you make me feel so right?
    5. Incessant :: chatter
    6. Tomorrow :: will be another day
    7. Impressive :: smessive
    8. Riches :: spoiled
    9. Dislike :: tuna (ok, I like tuna but that was the first thing that popped into my head)
    10. Speaker :: wire

    Week 310

    1. Confirmation :: Defirmation
    2. Verse :: bible
    3. Authorize :: this
    4. Blog :: that
    5. Thirty :: something
    6. Heir :: when?
    7. What are you doing? :: avoiding working
    8. Complaint :: chicken little
    9. Leave :: it alone
    10. Tune :: sound of madness

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    for those that are wondering..I have pneumonia. Cough syrup with codeine is a wonderful thing, at least I can sleep now, well at least for about 4 hours at a time before the dosage wears off. All scheduled activities this week have been moved to a modified schedule. All activities should return to normal by next week. And if you're wondering, smoking has been cut way way way down, can't get all radical here, i'd go nuts without it but I did pray last night if I could just stop coughing for 10 mins I'd stop.  Most of the clients - umm, they seem normal, no change in their activity has been noticed, although few did tell me to stop working but of course could I please help them before I go back to sleep. Big project this week, can't stop working, they didn't ask me too except was I contagious and was I sure it was ok to finish big project (my hopes is that the main guy, gets sick but not before he pays me). Chiropractor - while I love her to death and she has fixed many things in my back, I do not want to be adjusted when I feel like my nones (bones) are sore, I don't even think its a marvelous day and I just want to miss my appts this week. Humor level: good.  Work Level: Modified but still working, i mean how are the bills going to get paid if one doesn't keep working?  Hairball in throat: gone, finally!!
    12:02:40 AM    comment [] trackback []

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