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    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    oops, I put up a disclosure badge but not a link to my disclosure policy. Wait must have at least 3 sentences. Disclosure Link up. edited, better
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    And a side note, Mason's never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show..I wonder if he's ever been to one - maybe that should be the next date..hmm, 4th Saturday of every month in SF, I haven't been in many many many moons but there's a virgin guide

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    so tonight Mason and I went to see Dracul: Prince of Fire at The Crucible, it was ok, not spectacular, it started spectacular with the twist on Dracul and the dance scene of thriller and that set stage for a rock ballet with fire and industrial arts weaved in but that's not what I got, I got a ballet with little fire, long periods of pure ballet which if I wanted to see a ballet, I would (1) have gone to see the ballet and (2) not taken a date to go see the ballet. It started out great, like I said with dracul biting everyone and then everyone jumping up and dancing the thriller dance and then the next scene was like the beginning of the rocky horror picture show and I was expecting to hear the music from when the young couple enters the mansion - the time warp because the young couple in dracul: prince of fire looked exactly like the couple in the rocky picture show but it was just a long slow ballet for the most part, the beginning of the young couple entering was good with the girls swinging from the fabric but afterwards it was just really long and kinda of boring. The end of the show, when they put on really good music and everyone came out and danced, what happened to that within the show. What happened to the rock ballet that they set the stage for with thriller? 

    And the seating, you know after 10 years, you think they could do something about the seating, packing everyone in like sardines on the bleachers just isn't comfortable for a long slow ballett. My butt fell asleep, my back hurt and I crammed in between people. I guess at least being crammed in, you don't notice that you are in a big industrial warehouse that's cold.

    Don't get me wrong, I completely support The Crucible and I think what they do is great and I love taking classes there but Dracul: Prince of Fire, a fire ballet, not what I was expecting, especially after each little subset of the ballet, I keep expecting more, more rock ballet, more fire, seeing the amazing dragon on fire more, something more. I think it would be amazing as a rock ballet with more fire.

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