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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    i know it may seem that I've been posting alot of payperpost thingys lately and reviews and things but clients are slow to pay lately, I seem to have more bills than money coming in and trying to supplement my fun fund more than anything else, because soon there will be no extra moola for fun unless I keep blogging about things and me, you know I'll never blog about anything I don't believe in or get or for the life of me, how does one review something that one doesn't have? Maybe I should see about reviewing products - i wonder if I can get free products if I review them? hmmm..its a thought
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    other dating sites that I like - my favorites are okcupid and crazyblinddate - both free by the way and I've met some interesting guys, some not so great and some more than great, some I still talk to, some I never want to talk to again. CrazyBlindDate is the most interesting one - if you're available on short notice and have 20-30 minutes to meet someone new and interesting, then check out CrazyBlindDate...I'll tell you more about these later...gotta go get some sleep, me tired

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    oh no, not that again, online dating world which site to choose*, how do they compare? Prime Dating Sites compares and reviews 10 different online dating sites by outlining their core services and why they are different from each other and of course what type of dating they cater too - long term, short term, more adult oriented, etc. Its a pretty good place to start if you've never tried online dating before or if you just looking for something different than the ones you've already tried. While we all know there are more than 10 online dating sites out there, Prime Dating Sites reviews it looks like the 10 most popular ones advertised. So you're probably wondering which 10 sites do they review and are the reviews any good? They have perfect match, eharmony, yahoo personals, matchmaker, date.com, lavalife, match, friendfinder, american singles and chemistry. I have tried perfect match, eharmony, yahoo, matchmaker, date, match and friendfinder and the reviews are pretty much what to expect on the each site from forms to fill out, to cost, how the system works and what makes each one different from the others.

    So I've never tried out lavalife's dating website, so first let me check out the review on Prime Dating Sites, there's the concept of smiles and abundance of fun, sounds intriguing and its free to sign up until your smiles or abundance of fun attractive people and you want to reach out, then you have to buy a subscription - basically sounds like you can look at the cake but if you want to eat the cake, then you have to pay for the cake. Lavalife was created by women for women, now that sounds more like it. Also they have the option of checking out just intimate encounters - Irishboy is very cute!! or casual relationship Nikko looks good and then relationship types, ironcity is a cutee - hey I might actually go sign up for this one.

    Anyways, Prime Dating Sites is a really good resource for sexy single people out there trying to figure out which online dating site to use or which one might fit them better, with all the ads out there, its confusing and hard to choose which one might be better for you and your personality and now there's a place that reviews them. Check out Prime Dating Sites

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