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    Friday, January 16, 2009

    omg, I've been listening to NPR lately and it popped into my head, I wonder how much the President of the US makes per year - omg, I know where all the money has been going. Bush makes 400,000/year + a 50,000/year expenses covered. And Bush was in office for 8 years - so 3.2 million + another 400K for his expenses.  Why does the President make so much money? And who exactly pays for this salary? We do, so why do we pay him so much? Instead of paying the president so much money, how about we take that money and pay off the debt of the US. On top of the yearly salary, former president's get a pension plan of about 191,300 per year + an office and staff. (since the 1950s, when it was clear that Harry Truman could not afford even an office staff, the federal government has taken care of former presidents. Mr. Bush will receive an annual pension of $186,000, travel funds, mailing privileges, Secret Service protection, office space, staff, stationery and transition expenses)

    Now exactly why do they get a pension plan - they didn't retire. They got voted out. And why do we pay for an office and a staff? You're no longer the president - you no longer have a job, do what everyone else does when they don't have a job, find a new one, why do we have to keep paying you when you got voted out? I understand the secret service issue but seriously why are we continuing to pay a former president a pension plan of 191,300 per year for a job that they didn't retire from, didn't quit but essentially got fired by the people.

    Pension Plan Savings:  Clinton, he's been receiving 191K per year for the last 8 years = that would equal a savings of 1.6 million, lets round up to about 2.5 million per year because he also gets travel funds, mailing privilegs, office space, staff, etc.. And George H.W Bush, his pension has been. George HW Bush, he's been receiving a pension for 16 years = 4 million and Carter, 28 years = 6 million, so far I've saved how much for the US people? 12.5 million in pension plans for people that were essentially fired from office, they didn't quit, they didn't retire and yet, we keep paying for their upkeep. Oh and Bush who many many people have count down calendars on their websites, did you know that you will keep paying for Bush's upkeep after he's gone? Now I know where all the money is going, not my first choice for my federal tax dollars - what about you?

    And for that matter, why exactly does the president need to make 450K per year? Almost everything he does is paid for anyways, does he just get to save for a rainy day? He'll never have a rainy day, because we keep paying him after he's voted out of office.

    See things like this make me inclined not to pay federal income tax because essentially I'm paying these outrageous salaries and pension to the president and former presidents. How about the former presidents try living on my income or the middle class income and see how it feels not to have something always available for a rainy day.

    Better yet, how about the President not take a salary while the country is in an economic crisis.

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