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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    so the story on the client who doesn't and still doesn't seem to understand why when one makes lots of money, the IRS is going to want some of that money and why federal income tax is withheld from one's paycheck. He told me today he was going to hire someone to audit my work, at first I was pissed, I know my job! but I am not a tax accountant and have no desire to be one and I can't explain how all those tax deductions thingys work, I trust my CPA + I get the basic principle of it and I as an adult understand the concept of a payroll check but after some thoughts about it on the way home, I realize I don't particulary like this client all that much and going into the office once a month for 3 hours a month and getting yelled at every single time because he's a squirrelly whiny person, maybe its time to cut the apron strings and let him be. So explains why his bookkeeper finally just quit, he had had enough of this bullshit. Anyways, sent him a detailed explanation of why he the IRS wants a big portion of his money, how net income works, how a paycheck works again, how life works and told him if he wanted to have someone audit me, to go right ahead, then he'll see he's a nicompoop. Now its time for dinner, a beer and oh shit, I missed my show.
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    These are the kinds of things that make my day:

    from a payperpost reviewer...thanks you brighten my day

    Hello Julie,

    I don't commonly reach out directly to our bloggers, but I was reviewing your post, and I wanted to say that I thought your interim post titled 'English' was hilarious. :) 

    Thanks 256!

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    ok, so, I'm searching through my blog looking for that rant I did on how come someone doesn't understand the principles of paychecks - i mean what kind of adult is soo shelter that he can run his own business but still just doesn't get how a paycheck works..there's more to the story but lets see if I figured out how to get the google box set up right.

    Google Search box works like a charm, found the original rant: Bubbles and Taxes 

    And if you want your own google search box for Radio or probably will work for any other type of blog, here's where I found it: Google Search Box Code (thanks Tweezerman)


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