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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    11:16:52 PM    comment [] trackback []

    that i'm in blogging for dummies, check out page 239.

    ok, so you wonder what made me think of this anyways

    1. I was thinking of how to explain blogging to my mom in simple terms since she seems to be quite savy in moving around from blog to blog these days (I completely mean that in good way - but when did she become so internet savy?)

    2. Since I was mentioned in Blogging for Dummies, maybe I should finish writing my book(s) and get back in writing about technology in layman's terms, I'm good at it, how does one explain blogging and twitter to people that don't understand it and why its good for their business to blog.

    3. I just think its cool, worth mentioning again.

    1:37:28 AM    comment [] trackback []

    Who is the vice president? I mean everyone is talking about Barack Obama but who's the vice president?

    funny or not..gotta go eat some tv and watch some food

    don't know why I'm stressed over clients cutting my hours, I'm booked solid for the next 3 weeks, I'm gonna be ok. I might actually have time to have a weekend off - what a concept.

    Massage school - kinda of expensive. Its something I'd like to do but right now, I'm not buying anything else so lets see what can I do that I really like but not spend any money doing it

    - what about writing, maybe I'll have time now to finish that book I've been writing the last few years..dig up my notes and just write it

    - and my art, I built an Art Studio - why don't I do that and see if I can sell my art..its more than a hobby, I want it to be more than just a hobby, lets do something with that business, hell why not, I have a business license for it.

    oh and that massage school, they really turned me off, couple of reasons, pushing the idea that anyone can get a school loan, how bad could it be, they don't know me, trust me, no one is giving me a loan for anything else, I've pushed it to the max buying a new car and it was like she didn't care about me as a person, she wanted her commission and second reason, why should I have to take business classes and marketing classes - umm, I do that for a living, don't you think I get accounting by now and marketing?

    so I've been listening to more news lately, I like NPR, did I grow up? I still don't like watching the news in general, its boring and violent but NPR is interesting, damn I think I might have grown up a smidgen, definetly got to renew my XM radio soon, can't imagine going back to the regular radio now.

    currently a little unmotivated..somehow I will push through this, I'm making myself get up early and work. I don't think I'm depressed per se, just a little low, unmotivated, feel myself slacking off and really tired, extremely tired, I know in a few days, I'll feel normal again but pushing through the fog is hard especially when I just want to sleep and sleep.

    and seriously, am I also my clients shrink? Why do they call me out of the blue to tell me how they are feeling about their situations, their day, whine about their lives? I'm got things to do besides listen to them but I feel compelled to be nice because if I'm not, then I might not get the work and I need the work plus I like his mom. Maybe I should advertise that - accounting and therapy? noooo...nevermind bad idea, I'd go nuts

    ok back to regularly scheduled program..back to work or sleep or something...

    1:16:54 AM    comment [] trackback []

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