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    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    so this payperpost thing - its definetly a good way to make some extra money if you're so incline to research and blog about things. I'm trying to at least check out the opportunities every other day and write about something. I've checked out some other sites besides payperpost and payperpost so far has been the best one for me at least. This is not a paid adverstisment although if payperpost wants to pay me for this review - please do so I won't object, lol, otherwise its just my review on the different options for making money with your blog or getting free samples.

    PayPerPost - they have good opportunities, although you do have to be proactive and look for opportunities and sometimes, many times their links aren't coded correctly - or at least radio doesn't like them - I usually copy and paste into notepad and then pull what i need and hyperlink the specific words. But payperpost does pay you on time and their opportunties don't conflict with my blog concept. And you do have to be proactive setting up your blog with them especially if they've never seen a blog from radio userland or if you're archives aren't linking correctly - I had to contact them several times and explain my archives and how my specific posts work - but its all good now. The only thing I don't like, is when I reserve an opportunity, I can't click out of the screen or my reserved opportunity disappears - doesn't seem to stick. There customer service is good once you figure out how to submit a ticket.

    ReviewMe - so far, I'm not so thrilled with them. They give you opportunities or campaigns as they call them. So far my options have been for another blog concept - don't think I want to review another type of blog, reviewing a hyundai - how does one review a product they've never used or been in and the other one was for MMO and I'm not into warcraft. Per the info they say they pay from 20-200 for a review but so far my options have been for 5.00. Lets see what happens on that one.

    BzzAgent - ok, so this one doesn't pay anything but you have the option of getting samples and then review them, I think. They are a word of mouth marketing media network. Although I have yet to get an invitation to a campaign but from what I understand they will either give you a sample or some way to check out the product and you give your opinion on it. Then you also get womlets(ok, those I don't understand yet) and you also get rewards through MyPoints. MyPoints is cool, you click on things, advertising and such or fill out surveys and you earn points, you collect enough points, you can redeem them for gift certificates from major vendors, me I currently have 1339 points and I need 1450 points to get a 10.00 starbucks card (I've had mypoints for years but just recently started taking the time to earn some free stuff, free stuff is always good).  Anyways, BzzAgent, takes time to get up to the status where you can get invites to campaigns and start getting your samples..trying to figure it out slowly.

    Start Sampling - they give you a list of free samples but what I don't like about this site, is when you click on opportunity for a free sample, you are then directed to the advertiser's site, where you have to fill out the forms all over again and sometimes their links don't work, it would be nice if the forms autofilled for you. And if you're a coupon person, they do have alot of coupons available that you can print from your computer.

    Other ways to get free samples, do a google search, there's all kinds of options

    Trojan Condoms free samples

    Free Shampoo

    And now I'm done with my freebies for tonight

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    If I was going to get married, I'd probably go to this site, aftersix, to find bridesmaid dresses, hell, I might just go to this site to buy some cute evening dresses for myself. Style #6562 is supercute in sunrise and gorgeous in plum raisin. What's great about this site, aftersix, is that if you click on a swatch, if loads the dress in the swatch color so you can actually see it. Style #6554 is adorable in sugar plum with sunflower trim. They have many styles to choose from, different styles to fit different body types and current styles. Some bridesmaid sites look outdated, but aftersix is fresh and current. Its easy to find retailers, just enter your zip code and it will spit out a list of local retailers. They have accessories and flower girl dresses to coordinate your wedding event. If you need a bridesmaid's dress, check out aftersix.

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    first things first - you should check out this site if not for the content but for the cool sound effects: Roswell UFO Festival

    So I've been thinking that (1) I don't know if I want to do bookkeeping for the rest of my life and (2) what comes after Chaotic Cancellation? (3) I have the resources now, what did I really want to be when I grew up? Yes, I'm still growing up, but I think we all are, if you could reinvent yourself, what would you do if you could? My mom has decided to go back to school to do acupuncture which is cool, although I never really saw her as an acupuncturist but she is re-inventing herself. And I was talking to Monica, she's going back to school to reinvent herself, do something she has always wanted to do, can't remember exactly what she's doing but the idea of finally having the time, time to try something else with one's life is exciting.

    I've always wanted to be a vet, I love animals but just a regular vet more a wild animal vet, big animals, tigers and bears, oh my but I disgress..I took a few classes way back when in college related to vet practices but I wasn't sure, I loved english and lingustics and that's the directions I went. So I check out vet school last night and the classes and how long it would take and omg, its 8 years to become a vet with a specialized degree in big animals and I don't know thats alot of work and would probably take me over 8 years because I would have to do it part-time, reinventing oneself when they work 70 hours a week - takes a little/lot lot longer..its getting a medical degree in animals.

    Ok, so I thought to myself, maybe a vet isn't the directions I'm suppose to go for reinvention and here is where my gemini nature kicks in because I'm also always wanted to be a massage therapist and if I'm good at it and I've been told that I'm good at it with no actual training behind me, I could make good money doing it part-time. So I check into massage school once again, I've checked into it about 5 times in the last 20 years so it must be something I'm interested in. Maybe this time, I'm ready to take the plunge and do it.

    But thinking back, what did I get that linguistics degree for? I wanted to be a teacher. Oh now I remember why I didn't become a teacher, I couldn't pass the CBEST Test (that california basic educational skills test). I pass the math and the writing part, I just can't seem to pass the reading part - yea, I know sounds stupid but it was hard. Might be able to pass it now but I'm not all that interested in doing so. Although maybe I suck at tests in general, I can't pass the Quickbooks test either and I've been working on Quickbooks for about 15 years and I can't pass the Tigerpaw test either and I've been doing that longer - yea, I suck at tests. Good to know.

    I also wanted to get my master in lingustics at one point, to do what you ask? I have no idea now, I love the idea of doing research in old languages but now its more like a hobby that something I would want to do professionally. I love reading and yes that contradicts the above statement that I couldn't pass the reading section on the CBEST Test but I love reading in old languages not third grade standards and maybe that was my downfall on that test.

    So we're back to massage therapy, that's it I think, that's my reinvention of myself. Now I have a plan, lets get working on my plan..step 1 - contact school - done, step 2 - call the school and go see it in action and find out about financial aid and see if it qualifies to put my current student loans on hold..that would help so much

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