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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    so I love ghirardelli white chocolate mocha hot chocolate mix - its like one of my most favorite favorite things in the whole world and yet I can't seem to find it an any safeway anymore well definetly not in Concord, is it too upper class for the Concord Safeway? Did they stop making it? No! They still make it but its now considered a speciality item and its available a Cost Plus Market in Walnut Creek, the Safeway stores in Danville, San Ramon and strangely enough in Vallejo or I can order it online from Amazon and another absolute favorite is Thai Tea which one of my clients sells I think in the store but its an online world these days and I'm not driving over to SF just to have one of my absolute favorite beverages - if I can make it at home, its all the better..and I don't feel like treking all over the place to find hot chocolate mix.
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    Pure Emu Oil  ~ this is the stuff everyone has been telling me about for my psoriasis, so what the hell I went ahead and bought it. Anyways, how can one give a decent review on something if they've never used the product and since everyone keeps telling me that emu oil will clear up my psoriasis, lets see if it really works, I'll post updates once I get the product.

    Regarding the website, I'm still not really clear what emu oil is from the website but I understand the properties of emu oil now and how it works with the skin as a natural healing agent. So I went to search for what is emu oil and what is an emu? And I found out that emu oil is derived from the fat of the emu and what is an emu? An emu is a bird similar to the ostrich.

    The product descriptions are a little hard to understand so I went to another website that sells emu oil and their descriptions weren't much better, exactly how does one use the ultra active oil? Do you just put in on the skin like lotion or how does it work? I'm a little confused on what the ultra active oil does in comparison to just the lotion since I accidentally ordered both the ultra active oil and the lotion. I click here to learn more info and actually added it to my cart. The order total shows up on the left which is nice but it doesn't tell you exactly what you added to your cart and I did get an email confirmation of what I actually bought, yep I ordered both the oil and the lotion.

    All the other products explain how to use them except the pure oils and the ultra active oil - what's the difference I wonder? The skin repair lotion which I order says to "Apply to any part of the face and body as needed", the gel caps tell you how often to take them.

    Pure Emu Oil's products are a little cheaper than other sites I've checked out before. So anyways, more review of the actual product itself as soon as the actual product arrives..

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    And why does the business world have to stop at 5pm? why is 5 the magical number? Why can't the post office stay open all night? Why can't things be postmarked at 11.59pm, why is everything still manual - why couldn't you slip it through a slot and have it electronically postmarked the actual time it arrived in the slot? Bet that would save some money, ok, postal workers might lose some jobs but still wouldn't it be nice to be able to have your stuff postmarked at 12/10/08 at 11.59pm instead of 12/11/08, then your property tax bills would be on time (or your client's property tax bills would be on time). I paid mine early. Or what is with certain mailboxes that just don't have the mail picked up for days, keeping having to mentally check out which mailboxes not to drop mail into especially in SF.
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    Have you ever wondered how to find the best credit cards with 0.00% interest on balance transfers? I have this business credit card and while it was great and wonderful to have such a high credit limit, when you're clients don't pay you and your stuck with the travel expenses (3 separate trips to Portland - Hotel, Airfare, Rental Card and Food) on this wonderful card and the interest rate is 35% - omg, I didn't realize it was so high and I can't pay more than the min right now which means I'll never pay it off because I'm only pay the interest every month but if I could find a credit card with a balance transfer with an interest rate of 0.00% for a least 6 mos, I think I could attempt to pay off the balance on this card. I did one balance transfer from one card to this high interest rate card but it wasn't enough, so how do I go about finding another card?  This site ZeroRate is a free site that offers people the chance to compare credit card offers and has this handy little balance transfer wizard too

    You can check out different rates and cards by type such as Business or Consumer with 0% balance transfers. You can also read how with Business Credit Cards you can leverage balance transfers to save your company (or in my case, my company, thousands of dollars in interest fees). They also explain choosing the best balance transfers cards

    Just for the hell of it, letís see what happens. I used the balance transfer wizard and found Capital One® Business Platinum with Preferred No Hassle Miles with 0% interest until January 2010 - that's what I need, I can pay it off in one year if I could stop paying the interest only, I could use the 700 I pay per month towards the outstanding principal balance. Once you find the card your interested in or in this case came up as the best possible option, click on Apply Now, this will take you to the actual credit card company's site application menu, fill in the application and see what happens - capital one is pretty good, they'll tell you right away if you're approved...and your wondering, did I get approved? No. Didn't think I would but its worth trying out, maybe you have a lower ratio of incoming cash vs outgoing cash than I do or its possible you didn't just buy a brand new car :)

    ZeroRate has a list of credit card offers from all the major credit card companies, there's even a world of warcraft card*

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