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    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Nothing like have to update your resume so you can find a job. I've got clients cutting hours and the one that was my main source of income is freaking out and keeps cutting my hours, saying that if they make it, they'll compensate me later - they won't remember that, if they make it, I'm re-negotiating my contract with them - they can pay the full rate I charge at that point, hey, it might go up at that point too. Its profounding sadness that my business may not make it through these economic times or at least not completely without supplemental income but I don't want a full-time position just a contract position here and there, I like my freedom too much, although if someone offered me something great, who knows, I might take it, steady income but what's the trade off - ugh, getting up early and going to work, do I want to be one of those people again? But checking out potential jobs, there's contracting positions pay up to 60/hour for my skills. I'll find the right ones to keep me going..if you want to hire me...check out my resume, it needs format tweaking but I've been on the computer too long today, get right to that soon

    But in other news, as my mom reminded me, I'm turning 40 this year, I didn't want to be reminded of that in particular but my mom is paying for a hawaiian vacation for my 40th birthday - YIPPEEEE, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and just never had the chance plus traveling alone and being alone is great sometimes but not always and instead of celebrating my birthday alone as usual, I get to do something different, exciting and fun..thanks mom.

    sadness is how I feel right now, maybe its the lack of sleep..tommorrow is another day and it will be a bright and wonderful day with many new opportunities right around the corner..

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