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    Monday, January 26, 2009

    first the picture below is enough as it is, it doesn't need fancy words to describe it, it just is.

    second, I was reading Zyriana's blog and she had this test from belief.net - the Belief-O-Matic test and I was curious what I'd come up with on my top five. I was raised Cumberland Presbyterian, I remember their being a difference between Cumberland Presbyterian and Presbyterians in general and now I understand why that the things I learned when in Texas didn't make sense when we moved to California because "Presbyterians believe that God Chose and Selected those persons who will go to heaven or hell. Those persons do not have a choice one way or the other. Cumberlands believe that God gives every person the choice of heaven or hell" (borrowed from the answerbag). I don't practice it anymore, I was totally turned off by religion when we moved to California just because I couldn't find the same concept from what I had learned when I was little, things were so different in general when we moved but I could never seem to find another Cumberland Presbyterian church that taught the same things as when I was little and believe me I tried when I got older and started searching for some meaning to this life. Then I took a class in the history of religion and further ventured away from Christianity all together because what I learned was that Adam had two wives, first there was Lilith and then there was Eve but all history was written by the church, by men of God and they left out the part about Lilith, why I wonder? But that there was also a second book of Genesis, now, many people will tell you it never existed but there's information out there about it, so why did those men of faith forget to mention Lilith, what's the deep dark secret? Anyways, I start pursuing other avenues of religion looking for something, I occasionally went back to church but nothing rang true for me there anymore and I discover Wicca, it made more sense to me than anything else so far and recently, I've been studying Wiccan Shamanism, it fits my beliefs a little more so than just Wicca alone and then there is Celtic Shamanism, which seems like it could be an interesting path. I guess what I'm saying is that finding your path is your own path and I've checked out quite a few paths along the way and I was curious about what Belief-O-Matic would say about me - I don't completely agree with it but then again since there are many belief systems in my life, maybe it does make sense. Anyways, my top five

    1.  Unitarian Universalism (100%) 
    2.  Neo-Pagan (94%) 
    3.  New Age (93%) 
    4.  Secular Humanism (79%) 
    5.  New Thought (75%)

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