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    Friday, January 23, 2009

    you know what really annoys me, is clients thinking they can get away with free designs - what the hell is with that anyways? They don't give away free designs, if the client changes their mind or the city planners change the concept, its not free to redesign a project, its billable so exactly why do they think my time is free? So this is the client that nickels and dimes me constantly and has never paid me my actual rate because I think they feel that since they refer me to other people they should get a discount but its not right. I won't put up with it anymore. Especially now they just cut my hours to 10 max per week.

    At first I was really freaked out, 10 hours a week - holy shit, I can't survive on that but then again, lets see I work 70 hour weeks because I was always making sure that this client was taken care of, I was putting in 30-40 hours a week on top of the other clients to make this client happy, so now I can relax a little and take care of everyone evenly and not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I also will have more time to pursue going back to school.

    I think I'll be ok, I'm just going to have to run lean and mean for awhile, pay the mins on credit cards for awhile, pay the basic, cut back but I think it will be ok. The right new client will come along, don't worry, I'm searching for that right new client but I'm not going to panic and the house remodel, well that might need to be put on hold for a smidgen or cut back seriously to like to a few days per month, i hate to do that to him but if I've gotta, I've gotta.

    Other little annoyances, do you know when a friend blogs about all his friends have left him and no one is around who cares, what the hell am I? I haven't left him, I still care but then again as we get to know each other a little more, we don't like the same things especially music tastes, I think we'd drive each other nuts if we were together. And then there's that whole thing about he doesn't seem to care about what I need - its kind of been in the back of my head lately, he doesn't pay attention to my needs and wants and dreams, its all about him and its a little one-sided..so my careful attention to making sure he is ok might be waverly a little, I'm not going to leave him as friend but I am going to pursue other options in my life, besides I had a dream about him and we're not meant to be, I think he just woke me up to what the hell has been going on with me lately, the whole bipolar thing. Although its nice to have a friend to hang out with and do things with when he's feeling even.

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