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  Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Down but not out

Me on the couch with the cat

On the morning of April 19th at around 7:30 am I was headed northbound on Leigh Avenue approaching Kingman Avenue near San Jose City College in San Jose. My riding buddy, Bob McDermand, was in front. Leigh Avenue is four lanes at that point and we were going at about 22 m.p.h. We entered an intersection where a car was stopped at a stop sign waiting to make a left. I was riding my commute bike. There was no stop sign in our direction of travel. Suddenly the car bolted in front of us. Bob hit his brakes and I was behind him. He was pulling and I was drafting.

As I grabbed my brakes I hit Bob's rear wheel, slid down his right side and quickly was on the ground. They thought at first I may have broken some bones, but I hadn't. I know a lot of our dear friends have been hurt a lot worse and consider myself very lucky to have gotten off with some bruised bones, skin, road rash, stitches and a lot of soreness.

The car did not stop and just kept on going. I was wearing a rain jacket and it appears to have saved me from much worse road rash. That and my natural big bones and padding may have saved me.

Last week I was in so much pain it hurt to even ride in the car. I had to sleep sitting up. I could not eat with a fork. Now, I am still walking slow but I am walking. I have had a lot of help from family and friends. I am also able to ride a stationary bike at the gym. I was lucky!

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