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  Friday, July 16, 2004

All laced up

Lace knitting: You know how there are things in life one wants to do but for which one shows little aptitude? Last year when I took Galina Khmeleva's Orenburg shawl class, well, let's just say I was not the brightest light in the firmament. Took me a realllllly long time to realize a yo on the knit side rotated clockwise. That's where the big hand, oh nevermind.

Likewise in knitting the trim for Audrey, I had to learn that a yfrn and a yfwd (that would be the half twist vs. the one-and-a-half twist) were different beasts. Duh. Again. Lace makes no sense. A hole is a hole (OK, this is starting to sound very nasty, but I'll press on), so how do you repair yfrn hole from a yfwd hole or a K2TOG decrease from a sl K1 psso? In my world, a tiny error completely fubars the whole piece.  Though I have progressed from frogging everything to ripping back a couple of rows, and by sheer dint of intuition, fixing the boo boo. But I still don't get it.

I'm inching along--too lazy to photograph and you've all seen the lace anyway--and it's pretty, very pretty. Too bad I suck at it. Salaam to lace knitters everywhere. You have my undying respect and admiration.

The Big Kahuna: Poor me, I'm off to Hawaii. I simply don't know how I can leave my glamorous life in higher education for a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. How can I bear it? Oh, well, I expect your sympathy and condolences are with me. Yuck. Yuck.

The trip is in honor of my MIL's 70th birthday--rememeber La Fiesta MIL (in case you don't, here's a peeky weeky). So FIL is taking the whole mishbucha on this amazing vacation. Let's hope La Fiesta fits. Oh, yes, and are there any must-see yarn shops in Hawaii.


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