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  Wednesday, March 17, 2004

No New Privacy Rules

John Wehr in RFID News correctly points out that consumers cannot really trust corporations to self-regulate their use of RFID and other identification technologies.  If self-regulation is the only regulation, then some corporations will try to employ identification technologies without informing consumers. This will degrade consumer privacy.

Wehr compares and contrasts the views of Mark Roberti of RFID Journal and Karen Albrecht of CASPIAN.  Roberti is an RFID booster with a vested interest in RFID proliferation.  Albrecht and CASPIAN appear intent on wiping out RFID completely.

To sort out privacy issues with RFID and other identification technologies, we need to conduct a dialog among informed, interested and neutral parties.  That's the key to balancing regulation, protection of privacy and free enterprise.

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Three Conferences in April

I'm participating in three conferences during April.  Here's a summary:

On April 14 in Toronto, I'm presenting "Infrastructure Issues and Standards for RFID/GTIN Deployment" at the Global Supply Chain, RFID & GTIN Standards conference.

On April 22 in Denver, I'm moderating "Middleware Requirements for Supply Chain Integration" at RFID World.  The panelists include representatives from Provia Software , Oat Systems and Blue Vector Systems .  We expect to add one or two morepanelists.

On April 22 in Palo Alto, I'm moderating "Opportunities for Software Entrepreneurs in the RFID Space" for the MIT Club of Northern California.  We're still working on the panel members for this event.

I'll provide more details as these dates approach.

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