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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The story is a little dated, but the BBC recently aired a new documentary on the life and hard times of one of Afro-America's finest poets, Gil Scott-Heron. Though it sounds as if the man is being chased by some serious demons, we all can learn much from him. I hope this film makes it across the pond soon.

Meanwhile, always remember: "The Revolution will not be televised, the Revolution will be Live." And probably webcast on Indymedia.

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I have to admit I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been more mainstream attention to the World Summit on the Information Society meeting in Geneva this week. I suppose with all the foofaraw about Russia and the Kyoto Accords, that pretty much takes up the allotted media minutes for non-military foreign news.

Anyway, the biggest controversy has already been postponed. There will be no discussion on turning over what is being called "administration of the Internet" from ICANN to the UN (well, the International Telecommunications Union) until the second half of WSIS in 2005. Speaking of foofaraw, there's been a lot of cow chips being strewn around about what this means. Since I have some time to gather thoughts and explain them down the road, I will take that opportunity. Watch this space for some more considered post-summit punditry.

Meanwhile, let me offer a couple of pointers for quality info on this info-summit:

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