Monday, 7 March 2005

Foxtel iQ Experiences

Well those shows I recorded have been watched and deleted.

The kids took over the remote and added their own programs to the 'to record' list, including MythBusters and Star Trek Enterprise (a program that was not treated with respect by the free-to-air network that had it recently).

It even get the thumbs-up from the boss, especially after I told her I was recording Media Watch & Enough Rope for her (she normally falls asleep when it is on and now she can watch it in the morning).

The boys have really taken to it this evening. They setup a production line, watching programs they recorded earlier while recording current programs. And while they watched the program, they zoomed through the ads. It's great to see the next generation of consumers getting jiggy with it. The free-to-air guys have another 10 years and then BLAM!

Generation NET (or as Cameron calls them Generation Right Click) will be the demographic holding the $$ that advertisers want but the old ways wont apply. Wired had a story about this phenomenon last year.

Interesting times indeed.

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Foxtel iQ arrived

Today's the day. The Foxtel dude came and swapped out the old and installed the shiny new Foxtel iQ.

I can't really say it's mine, as I don't own the box. But it's here and we can use it. I set it up to record Conan O'Brien and The Goodies on UKTV - my kids can have something to watch when they get home. And I setup a recurring record of The Simpsons.

So begins the on-demand adventure in the Arrigo household.

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