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Monday, June 16, 2003

Community Efforts vs. Bureaucracy -- Who Will Win?

In a strange twist of synchronicity, the following two articles ended up next to each other in my list of news stories this morning:

Broadband entrepreneurs wire the nation. Around the UK, small communities are banding together to be part of the broadband revolution. [BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

Why Europe still doesn't get the Internet. CNET's Declan McCullagh cautions that a proposal being considered by the Council of Europe would impose impossibly bureaucratic controls on Internet users. [CNET]

9:47:13 AM    comment []

As I skimmed the article, My Son, the Cyborg [New York Times: Technology], I ran across this little tidbit:

"Sadie Plant happens to be a cyberfeminist, with a hip cultural-studies background: her empirical research on mobile phones fits neatly into the visionary view of digital technology, in which it is seen as radical, emancipatory and really cool."

Time to add "Zeros + Ones" to the reading list... 

9:23:30 AM    comment []

Word for Word on the Web, Isaac Newton's Secret Musings. A project at the University of London aims to put the scientist's less famous writings online. [New York Times: Technology]

"The Newton Project, a joint effort based at the University of London, aims gradually to post all of the scientist's previously unpublished work at a Web site (, including thousands of pages of alchemical and theological writings..."

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