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Sunday, June 29, 2003

There were no children's books anywhere.

Visiting schools and libraries while she and her husband Dick sailed through the Caribbean islands four years ago, Kathy Oberle couldn't believe the predicament facing teachers and librarians there: no books, no money to buy them and students who could barely read.

"What few books they had the librarians and teachers were hanging on to for dear life," Kathy said.

But, with the help of family members, a Miami shipping company and a community of boaters, the Punta Gorda couple began to turn around that book shortage three years ago when they started Boaters for Books, a nonprofit group that sends books to Caribbean schools and libraries.

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Famous library lights up future for Sri Lanka

"Locals hope its reopening will help heal some of the torment from a civil war that killed 64,000 people and displaced more than one million. They also hope it will bolster a peace process backed by a 16-month-old ceasefire between Tamil rebels and the government."

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Ancient Arabic manuscripts from Timbuktu go on view
Collection may lead to a reevaluation of world history

"It is an unprepossessing exhibit, and like most exhibits of documents, there's something inert about pages of old script lying under glass. The collection, however, is anything but inert, and it is at the center of great scholarly excitement."

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