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Saturday, June 21, 2003

This is probably really old news but it's the first I've heard of it so hey, here goes nothing.

The Library of Alexandria in Egypt has agreed to build an Internet Bookmobile (a project of the Internet Archive).

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I ran across Findus, a "Perl Success Story," while perusing the O'Reilly weblog site:

What began as a personal project is now serving more than 2 million books, CDs, DVDs etc. and about 500,000 readerís accounts in about 90 libraries into the web. Automatically, daily, and with no work for my librarians. And they love this. :-)


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There's an intersting article in D-Lib Magazine titled "Google Meets eBay: What Academic Librarians Can Learn from Alternative Information Providers". Three learnings were highlighted in the conclusion:

  • The importance of self-assessment
  • The need to regularly monitor developments in the broader information landscape
  • Academic librarians must better articulate their value to the educational enterprise.

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I suppose there's a bit of irony that I'm just going to point the Google News results for all the latest buzz about MSN launching their new search bot ;-)
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As I read Leap of Faith: An Unexpected Life (and autobiography by Queen Noor, an American-born woman who married King Hussein, 1935-1999, of Jordan), my interest in Middle East history is re-emerging. In particular, I'd like to read more about King Hussein, so I wandered off to WILInet, selected Biography Resource Center (from the Gale Group) which in turn led me to several biographical entries, one of which included a section for Further Readings:

There are one biography and one autobiography of Hussein, respectively, Peter Snow, Hussein: A Biography (1972), and Hussein, King of Jordan, Uneasy Lies the Head (1962). A more recent, comprehensive book on Hussein's kingdom is Peter Gubser, Jordan: Crossroads of Middle Eastern Events (1983). Hassan bin Talal, Crown Prince of Jordan and brother of Hussein, wrote a perceptive book explaining the Hashemites' thinking and accomplishments which is titled Search for Peace (1984). Other noteworthy books which deal with Jordan and King Hussein are P. J. Vatikiotis, Politics and the Military in Jordan (1967); John B. Glubb, A Soldier with the Arabs (1957); and Benjamin Shwadran, Jordan: A State of Tension (1959).

I should also re-read A Concise History of Middle East (from World War I on), by Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.

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Nicked from my print copy of the magazine Real Simple (June/July 2003, pg. 176):

The Organizer | Labeling: Books

Fast: Everytime you get a new book, use a calligraphy pen or a metallic-ink gel pen to write your name on the inside cover.

Elegant: Stamp hardcover books with a personalized "Library Of" emobosser from Williams-Sonoma; $25 (website and catalog only) to anoint a book as part of your collection.

Classic: The Personal Library Kit from Knock Knock let's you play Marian the Librarian. It come with 30 self-adhesive manila pockets to stick on teh inside end pages of your books, cards to keep track of the borrowers, and even a date stamp and stamp pad ($30).

Er, thanks, but I think I'll just stick with BookCAT for tracking my books and any old print program with 2" x 4" labels :-)


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