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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

On Search: Intelligence. Here’s the problem: searching for words isn’t really what you want to do. You’d like to search for ideas, for concepts, for solutions, for answers. Instead, your typical search engine moronically sorts through its postings, and tries to solve your problems by looking at which words appear where, and how often, and so on. What we’d really like is an intelligent search engine. This essay is mostly about why we’re not likely to get one any time soon.... [ongoing]

"Clustering" Search Engine Worth a Review. Vivisimo, co-winner of the 2002 Search Engine Watch award for Best Meta Search Engine, is featured in this new article,... [beSpacific]

New Search Toolbars. (23 Jun) Two separate search services -- Dogpile and Hotbot... [TVC Alert]

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There's a lot going on with and around Google this week. Love it or hate it, you can't afford to ignore Google!

Google Ads. Interesting write-up chez Zawodny about the Google AdSense program; pretty well anyone can sign up and put Google ads on their site, and get paid when someone clicks on the ads. So I signed up, although I don’t plan to run ’em for the moment. Except on this essay right here, along with some commentary on the program (soundbite: looks pretty reasonable so far).... [ongoing]

MapQuest Teams with Google. (23 Jun) MapQuest users will now find search results from Google....[TVC Alert]

Vivisimo Could Improve Google. (23 Jun) Even those who gush over Google will admit it returns... [TVC Alert]

Google.rss. Outer-Court links to Google.rss !, a new tool (currently in beta) which will deliver Google results via RSS to your aggregator. While this seems useful on the surface, I'm not to sure how much of the Google results are listed here (looks like just the top 10), but it may be worth playing with. All of the search syntaxes are available, including link:.[Library Stuff]

Google calls in the language police []


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"Faced with a tight budget, not enough staff, and changing needs of the community, the city is considering hiring a private company to take over the cash-strapped public library system."

LSSI used their successes in other cities like Riverside, CA, and Fargo ND when pitching their services to the library board earlier this month. After three years, Linden recently renewed their contract with LSSI for another five years where circulation and patron registration is up.


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Strange spin on an article that basically points out all the flaws of Internet filters (since when is that considered "bashing"?) but buried in the middle of the article is a pointer to a study (PDF)  published yesterday by the Online Policy Group, in conjunction with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that critiqued top filtering products.

"The study concluded that for every Web page correctly blocked as advertised, one or more was inappropriately blocked.

"In several cases, Doherty said, researchers could find no logical reason why a site was deemed off-limits. In one example, a top-selling filtering program blocked a primer on punctuation, tagging it as containing adult or sexually explicit material. Another filter assigned a pornography block code to a Colorado Arts Education page on model content standards for theater."

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