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  Saturday, February 14, 2004

Now here's a Sunday sermon topic that will keep everyone awake, an Albert Mohler commentary on a new book, Not Even a Hint: Guarding Your Heart Against Lust, by Joshua Harris.  Interesting reading.  Sample:  Previous generations faced the moral challenges of war, poverty, and pestilence, but this generation is absorbed in a continual cycle of lust and sexual gratification.  Yeah, it's kind of hard to miss if you've watched any television since about 1984.

One problem, the paragraph that starts with:  The human sex drive is not the product of biological evolution or cosmic accident.  This is an illustration of how the Evangelical obsession against evolution causes real confusion when they try to come to grips with certain real-world phenomena.  I think evolution is the only thing that makes the human sex drive comprehensible to the Christian worldview!  If God created the Universe, He created evolution along with it; why fight the obvious?  There are other battles worth fighting, not this one. 10:51:10 PM      

A Washington D.C. law firm is posting many of the briefs filed in Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, better known as the Pledge of Allegiance case, now at the US Supreme Court.  This case garnered national attention even before the initial three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit issued its original opinion almost two years ago.  Most interesting is this brief by 19 religious scholars and theologians, arguing that prior to the 1954 addition of the words "under God" the pledge was civic and constitutional, but after the addition it impermissably advances religion in public schools.  The short historical section is quite readable and very informative.

Personally, I think it is an unfortunate issue to get all excited about.  Christians feel deep in their heart that America is a Christian nation, whereas it is actually a land of religious liberty (big difference if you're not a mainstream Christian!).  Only because Protestantism was the unofficially established religion of America until the mid-20th-century do such Christians take it for granted that "religious liberty" means "de facto Christian nation," but that conception is as dated as racial segregation.  Ask any religious outsider (Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Native Americans, atheists) and you'll likely get a different perspective on the religious history of America than you get from conservative tele-evangelists.  I think we're better off without "under God" in the Pledge -- keep religion in church and at home where it can be taught properly.

Besides, introducing "under God" broke the 4-2-4 cadence of the Pledge (see below with breaks).  Try saying it without "under God," and you'll see it flows better.  God likes good meter, I'm sure He prefered the old cadence better.

I pledge allegiance | to the flag | of the United States | of America.
And to the republic | for which it stands,
One nation, | indivisible, | with liberty and justice | for all.

If taking out "under God" will advance the unity ("one nation, indivisible") that the Pledge is intended to foster, it seems like a step that should be taken. 10:30:12 PM      

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