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  Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Albert Mohler has an editorial on the emerging Post-Evangelical movement -- and he doesn't like it.  Taking its cue from post-modernism, the new movement openly embrace this new worldview. Post-evangelicals . . . "are more comfortable with the mysteries, ambiguities, and paradoxes of faith," notes Dave Tomlinson, an Anglican pastor and author of The Post-Evangelical (Zondervan, 2003).

The publisher's blurb on the book makes Post-Evangelicals sound a lot like liberal Mormons.  If you like the sound of the Post-E stuff, you might go have a look at Post-Mormons (nice photos) or possibly New Order Mormons.  The NOM boards just kicked off an unofficial membership drive so they would no doubt welcome a few new faces.  It would seem some of the energy that was once directed to community boards is now channelled to blogging.  But I can't help thinking group blogs, which are springing up all over the place, are a sort of small, elitist bulletin board, with glass windows (you can watch the talking heads talk amongst themselves) and sometimes a public comment box.  Not that there's anything wrong with that . . . 10:15:25 PM      

  Part of the Isaiah Scroll

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles has this short article about the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit currently on display at the Los Angeles Temple Visitor's Center.  As noted in the article, Mormons have a particular affinity for the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Yes, the Church is always eager to associate authentically ancient manuscripts with the Book of Mormon.  The exhibit contains a model of the Qumran community, models of the urns that the scrolls were found in and facsimiles of the scrolls themselves, including 24-foot long replica of the Isaiah Scroll, the largest of all the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Sounds like it is worth a visit if you live near the City of Angels. 9:26:12 PM      

As reported recently in the Deseret News, Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone continues his recovery from an automobile accident he was involved in earlier this month in Wyoming when his car struck two horses on a dark stretch of highway.  A later story notes that he is now at home, having been discharged from the hospital on or about February 16th. 9:15:42 PM      

According to today's story in the San Francisco Chronicle, these guys did -- a small but experienced organ-building firm located in downtown San Francisco.  This is not the first big project for these fellows, and they are proud of their big organs.  "No two organs are the same," of course, so projects are time intensive.  But popular: "the waiting list for a new organ starts in 2008."  Interestingly, these organs are first set up at the builder's workshop, in what is known as "the erecting room."  After testing, it is then shipped and reassembled at the desired site.  The Conference Center organ was the biggest they have handled thus far. 9:07:55 PM      

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