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  Monday, February 23, 2004

Avraham Gileadi authored a short article on Isaiah over at the always entertaining Meridian Magazine.  He was one of the September Six, and went through a roller coaster ride with the Church (up then down now up again).  It's nice he's back and enjoying communion with the Saints.  Interestingly, the short bio with the article notes that Hugh Nibley was the chair of his PhD dissertation committee.  This lends support to my personal view that Hugh Nibley was "grandfathered in."  If he were a young scholar trying to do today what he did 50 years ago, he would be a target instead of a venerable icon.  What do you think would happen to a BYU prof who published a piece of social criticism like Zeal Without Knowledge today?  Gone in 60 seconds, faster than you can say "faithful history."  The five o'clockers now run the show.

Here's a memorable quote (from ZWK, not the Isaiah article):  We think it more commendable to get up at five A.M. to write a bad book than to get up at nine o'clock to write a good one—that is pure zeal that tends to breed a race of insufferable, self-righteous prigs and barren minds. One has only to consider the present outpouring of "inspirational" books in the Church that bring little new in the way of knowledge: truisms and platitudes, kitsch, and cliches have become our everyday diet. 10:29:49 PM      

Headline of Christianity Today interview of Mel Gibson about his movie, The Passion of The Christ.  Lots of blog chatter about this movie, but I have no plans to see it.  No qualms about the R rating, I've just never been interested in commercial religion films.  I never saw the Exorcist; I never saw the Damien flicks; I started but couldn't finish End of Days.  So I think I'll just pass on this one.  I have never gotten the good karma some Christians seem to draw from depictions of the Crucifixion.  Perhaps my early positive connection of the term "Passion Play" with the Jethro Tull album of the same name, only belatedly expanded to include the orthodox meaning, explains my lack of ardor. 10:04:44 PM      

This is the headline on a BYU NewsNet article reporting the latest events in this lingering story.  A lawsuit is threatened, alleging the 1995 agreement by which the Church agreed to cease posthumous baptisms of Jews may have been breached.  The story also has interesting comments from a New York talk radio Rabbi friendly to the LDS perspective. 9:45:36 PM      

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