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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Podcasting Interviews. . .

According to Podcasting News (www.podcastingnews.com) Both Applian Technologies (www.applian.com) and Parliant Corp (www.parliant.com) have just released applications that allow you to record phone calls for podcasts.  Applian's Freecorder captures Skype (www.skype.com) calls and PhoneValet from Parliant records regular phone conversations.


Podcasts are public?... Duh!

Some folks are now asking themselves if they should have been podcasting all the intimate and personal details of theirs lives.  Just like radio and newspapers, podcasts, are even more public as they are searchable and are likely to be archived for most of ones lifetime.  Be careful out there!


Even birds are podcasting. . .

On the local NPR station (KUOW www.kuow.org) the locally produced "Weekday" program yesterday featured David Rothenberg author of Why Birds Sing, a jazz clarinetist, composer and a professor of philosophy at New Jersey Institute of Technology and Donald Kroodsma author of The Singing Life of Birds, is a professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and visiting fellow at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology discussed how birds use their calls to communicate all kinds of information and how it changes on a daily basis.


Pasted from <http://www.kuow.org/weekday.asp?Archive=07-11>



Podcast of the day. . .

The Colorado rock band "Breaking and Entering" http://www.breakingandentering.net/home.htm are podcasting their songs.

I predict that this will be the next big music discovery vehicle especially now that Apple's iTunes (verison 4.9) supports podcasting.

Manic Minute Recommendation: Listen up!


And that's your Manic Minute for July 12th, 2005!

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Denver is hot. . .

I'm talking about both the temperature and the Shareware Conference.

I arrived last night and already I can feel the incredible energy of software people who absolutely love what they do!

The conference (www.sic.org) is in it's 15th year and I think the people here have a the passion and energy that makes this industry keep outdoing itself time-and-again.


Jazzy birds. . .

Tuesday I talked a bit about birds "podcasting".  One of the things that was also very interesting from Monday's Weekday show on KUOW (www.kuow.org) was that the people who were on the show went into the wild and played music with the birds.  I really mean they played and the birds responded and there was an incredible inter-species back-and-forth.


Podcasting and money. . .

Always an interesting topic, the Wharton Business School (http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/index.cfm?fa=viewfeature&;id=1239) is asking if podcasters can make money. 


"Podcasting is a nice way to package up spoken audio content the way MP3s have already packaged up music," says Wharton's Kevin Werbach. "For people listening to the radio or music on the go, it will increase the amount of non-music content they hear, but it won't dramatically change listening patterns."


Well, I can tell you, from my own personal perspective, that while I'm not getting paid-by-the-podcast, nor is the Manic Minute a commercial venture, I *am* able to devote a significant amount of my time on-the-job at Microsoft to podcasting, and I'm getting paid for it.



Podcast of the day. . .



On the plane to Denver I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts and I was, once again, struck by the wonder that is Coverville.  I especially loved the "worst covers of all time" show.

Manic Minute Recommendation: Listening to Brian Ibbott simply rocks!


And that's your Manic Minute for July 14th, 2005!

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