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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'That's The Way (My Love Is)'
Video - Smashing Pumpkins "That's The Way (My Love Is)".

Paul Brown, who directed Smashing Pumpkins' last video for "Tarantula" was also the man behind their new one for "That's The Way (My Love Is)." It's a pretty one, and it to put it bluntly, looks exactly like what you would expect from a Smashing Pumpkins video.

"That's The Way (My Love Is)"

Smashing Pumpkins


[The Tripwire]
6:41:06 PM    

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Arizona's Lunar Surrogate
George Lassos The Moon. Mare Tranquillitatis outside Flagstaff. "With high explosives, they terraformed a lunar surrogate right here on the surface of the earth." The excellent Pruned reports on the earth-bound moon model. USGS report.
6:35:25 PM    

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Reed / Winehouse
Lou Reed Has Hope For Amy Winehouse.

Lou ReedRocker Lou Reed has offered his support to troubled singer Amy Winehouse, after dubbing her his favorite current star.

=> Read more!

[Starpulse News Blog - Music News]
6:31:47 PM    

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NanoLogix and Fuel Cells
Electricity from bacteria, grape jelly in Ohio. These bugs chew up sugar in the wastewater and give you hydrogen. [CNET News.com]
7:39:57 AM    

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Masuimi Max Pirate Theme
PinUpGirlClothing.com Masuimi Max Pirate MySpace Theme.

Copy and paste the code into your "About Me" section.

7:30:28 AM    

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