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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Led Zeppelin Promoter Hopeful Of Further Gigs.

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin's concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith is confident the rockers' forthcoming reunion gig will not be their last - but only if they enjoy their return to the limelight. The legendary rockers are set to reform for the first time in 27 years for a special tribute concert for late music mogul Ahmet Ertegun in November.

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[Starpulse News Blog - Music News]
9:24:08 PM    

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Pinup Girl Clothing
Halloween Costume o' the Day!. Wondering what to be this Halloween? Let the fine folks here at Pinup Girl help you out. Today's costume:

The Bumble Bee

This one's our favorite out of the half dozen or so Bee Costumes that we carry. It's got the best skirt, in our opinion, and the cute retro bow detail is just darling. Plus - it's hard to tell in the photo - there are cute little bells hanging off the wings. It's adorable, yet simple - there isn't too much going on, but in a good way.

Accessorize with these:

Ruffle Booty Shorts - VERY IMPORTANT. You know, I love wearing ruffle butt shorts. It pains me that I really only have one opportunity per year to prance around in a short little costume and ruffle butt shorts. I need to get out more, maybe.


You know, it only took the shoe companies five years to get with the program and make some shoes that match the bumble bee costumes. Oh well, better late than never.

well kids, that's just one of the fabulous costumes we've got for you this year. Click here to see them all! By Laura. [Pinup Girl Clothing - Official Blog for PinUpGirlClothing.com]
9:22:21 PM    

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November's Children
Whole lotta rush for Zep tickets. Rock fans have rushed to register to see Led Zeppelin's comeback gig after the legendary group announced plans for their first live performance in 19 years.

[CNN.com - Entertainment]
8:13:13 PM    

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Shop till ya drop at PopMart.

To celebrate (and, let's face it, promote) the release of U2's 'Live from Mexico City' on DVD there a new dedicated site for it. Go check it out at popmart.U2.com and enjoy the 20 minute PopMart Rotterdam audiocast. Registered members can access all areas, including Willie's diary and U2's Sarajevo press announcement.

[U2log.com // Weblog and Magazine]
8:11:53 PM    

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Mediaburn TV - WorldNews

Mediaburn TV  - WorldNews

7:32:25 AM    

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Attensa RSS Feed Readers
New Attensa RSS Feed Readers for Windows, Mac and Outlook - Go Get Em.

We just pushed the Auto-Update button and posted upgraded versions of Attensa feed readers for Mac, Windows and Outlook. You can download the new enterprise-quality RSS feed readers for Windows, Mac and Microsoft Outlook at no charge immediately from the Attensa Web site. The three new Attensa feed readers are built using consistent AttentionStream(TM) technologies, architecture and user experience to provide business users with a complete set of tools for receiving, managing and reading critical business information delivered through RSS, Atom and XML web feeds.

All of the New Attensa Readers feature:

Consistent user experience and updated look and feel makes managing and reading feeds easy and simplifies training.

attensa_mac attensa_outlook attensa_windows

Choice of "River of News" views including the AttentionStream(TM) view, which automatically pulls articles that are most important to the forefront of the user's attention.

Consistent architecture for fast feed and article loading and streamlined synchronization with the Attensa Feed Server.

The new Attensa feed readers use a consistent architecture to insure quick access to feeds and articles, with accurate and reliable synchronization with the Attensa Feed Server. The Attensa Feed Server channels feeds to users and groups behind the firewall and makes it easy to create a secure, scalable enterprise managed feed environment. Attensa's unique AttentionStream(TM) synchronization ties the server, desktop, Web, instant messaging and mobile RSS reader clients together so articles read, filed and deleted are continuously up to date.

Other Attensa feed reading productivity features include:

  • Safe and Secure Subscriptions to Internal and External RSS feeds.
  • One click blog republishing and easy editing.
  • Automatically find, preview and add RSS feeds from toolbars in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • One click blog republishing and easy editing.
  • Powerful automated persistent search tools, search across 18 Web and blog search engines and continuously delivers relevant information as soon as it is published.
  • Create, import and export custom reading lists (OPML files).
  • Keep feeds and articles organized with tagging and categories. Attensa tags can now be imported and exported.
  • Secure connectivity to internal and external Web feeds and AttentionStream reporting with the Attensa Feed Server.
  • Easily play audio and video content directly in the River of News.
  • Built-in Pod Catcher automatically downloads podcasts, audio and video attachments and puts them in a clearly labeled playlists in Windows Media Player or iTunes.
  • Desktop Alert toaster allows users to track fast breaking business information.
  • New Security enhancements - users can now disable scripting within feed articles.

Pricing and Availability - Attensa feed readers for Windows, Mac and Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded at no charge immediately from the Attensa Web site.

7:20:34 AM    

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