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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Universal Space Podcast
Video Podcast: Seeing in the Dark - Tim Ferris talks with SPACE.com's Dave Brody. From his private observatory, filmmaker Timothy Ferris speaks with SPACE.com's Dave Brody in this exclusive podcast. It's a fascinating glimpse into the work and thought of this science writer, video producer, amateur astronomer, physicist. musician...
[Space.com: Universal Space Podcast]
9:22:51 PM    

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[podcasting] poligrafmusic.com
The Idler.

C'est "The Idler" qui prend la vedette aujourd'hui, avec un extrait de chacune de ses trois sous-sections : "In The Taste Of The Day", "Chronoscope", et "Upward".

I just can't change is this hell
You just dont leave
While heaven is ignored you'll keep
Facing the heat

Download audio file (snd_20070925_01.mp3)

Angels timely sent
Keep getting lost in the noise that is maze
Blind to dreams even deaf to body
Fate is left to the hands of the clock

Download audio file (snd_20070925_02.mp3)

God have mercy, clock ticks for me
Why do I keep repeating the same old I ?

Download audio file (snd_20070925_03.mp3)

[The Daily Poligraf]
9:14:49 PM    

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Social Networking is Well...Nice
Facebook me to the bozo brigade. If you buy the spin-du-jour, this is a can't-miss investment. But are the tech powers-that-be again drinking spiked punch? [CNET News.com]
9:09:26 PM    

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Solomodels Showcase Photos
Jaime (#19343). [Solomodels Showcase Photos]
9:06:44 PM    

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Chemical Bros.
Gallery - The Chemical Brothers @ McCarren Pool | NYC.

Missed out on all the fun at McCarren Park pool this weekend? We'll have a full recap of The Chemical Brothers' show a little later on, but until then peep the images from Gabriel Kuo, and see what you may have missed.

Photos by Gabriel Kuo

The Chemical Brothers


[The Tripwire]
9:05:20 PM    

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Experiments in Reanimation: Good Times
Experiments in Artful Reanimation.

UK steampunk/macabre artist AlexCF continues to outdo himself. Each of his dusty, time-worn kits and cabinets of wonder get more ambitious and layered with staggering amounts of detail. His latest piece is called the Bio-Etheric Laboratory: Experiments in Reanimation. Amongst the familiar [Street Tech]

7:49:30 PM    

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