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Daily Permalink Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Jeffrey Zeldman is asking "does Microsoft want to lose [the browser patent case]?" From inside the anthill such an idea is just totally ridiculous. This court case, if we do end up losing it, will cost us about a billion dollars (you aren't figuring in legal fees and other stuff that'll be added on) and it will force us to make some really negative changes to IE. And I totally disagree that it would end up helping Microsoft, even if Longhorn were shipping tomorrow.

But, since this is a court case, I can't say anything else. Grrr.

Shawn Van Ness writes an interesting rant about versioning and how the Tablet PC team didn't do it to his liking.

Marc Canter is showing off his new Lazslo-produced blogroll.

Jeremy Zawodny thinks he's found an IT job that has good job security.

What did you do when you graduated from High School? This kid designed a nuclear fusion reactor. Dang I feel stupid.

You're invited to our geek dinner tonight. 6:30 p.m. at Bellevue's Crossroads. Call me at 408-314-8233 or email me at (that's my MSN Messenger IM address too) if you need directions. Tons of famous book authors and publishers will be there.

Mark Pilgrim talks about RSS and security, or lack thereof. I am now mostly using Newsgator as my aggregator and I've set it not to run any code in Outlook, so I'm pretty safe. How about you?

Miguel de Icaza: .NET, Java, and Mono.

Microsoft MVP James Eshelman is tracking articles about Longhorn.

Here's a site that shows images from the various camera phones. Nah, this isn't good enough. We need Phil over at DPReview to do some reviews.

SmartPhones are coming to the US. Alright. Wake me up when there's a camera phone.

My wife likes this political site (, cause she's doesn't like George Bush.

One bad thing about audio shows is that you can't point into the audio files. For instance, I'm listening to Carl Franklin's .NET Rocks show and the VB.NET team is defending their decision to break old VB code.

There are still a lot of people who are angry that VB6 code won't go forward into VB.NET (you need to rewrite it and recompile) but this show is as good an answer as I've heard.

Scott Guthrie posts again, this time on the next version of ASP.NET.

Tim Aiello says that his Simplefilter service is a great, and easy, way to block spam.

Larry O'Brien talks about Borland's C# Builder. Larry's the former editor of SD Times.

Carl Franklin says his .NET Rocks show was downloaded by more than 15,000 people last week. Wow.

This week they have a bunch of interviews with the Visual Basic.NET team.

Sys-Con Radio will be interviewing folks at the PDC.

The Washington Post is reporting that there is no more AOL at Time Warner. (Registration might be required for that link).

Jakob Nielsen: Time to make tech work. Gotta make sure the Longhorn team reads this.

Brad Abrams posted a link to the complete PDC session listing.

Tablet PC Buzz has a good thread going on the new multilanguage pack available for Tablet PCs.

Scoble's just a loser, Paul Vick says. I wonder if news aggregators are showing up in his referers? I don't think so.

Raymond is a much newer weblog than mine, so I bet more people are reading him in the browser than via news aggregators.

Christian Weyer has speculation about what Indigo is. I thought that was how Don Box was gonna take over the world.

The New York Times has a cartoon about our times.

Has anyone noticed the Hotmail upgrades that were done lately? Dang, no freaking spam or viruses in my account lately. Excellent!

PCWorld: Microsoft ships wireless home net. Geesh, I knew I bought my box a month too early. This one has the much faster "g" protocol.

Internet Week: Patch-Fatigued Users Contemplate Ditching Microsoft.

Hey, I just loaded up a new Macintosh and had 92MB worth of patches to load too.

While I'm on my Tablet PC kick, the Tablet team released multi-lingual software on Monday. This was much awaited. Congrats for shipping!

I should explain that I watched the Sun keynotes on my Tablet PC on my couch. It's really amazing the video quality that you can get now. Full screen. Great audio. No dropped frames in more than two hours of video. The player was Real's free player. I like Windows Media better, but dang has this industry come a long way since I was an evangelist for Winnov back in the mid-90s.

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