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Today's Stuff Thursday, September 25, 2003

Jupiter's Microsoft Monitor weblog: Dell snatches Microsoft's thunder (about how Dell announced its consumer electronics stuff right before we did). Oh, and Squatter's right, or Microsoft's right? (About MSN's decision to close down and start charging for chat rooms).

Eric Gunnerson pointed us to a new C# Magazine. Interesting!

Heh, Todd Bishop over at the Seattle Post Intelligencer's Microsoft Weblog implies that the Tablet PC was actually developed for the Seattle Mariners. Heh.

My new favorite number is "99." Why's that? Microsoft's Longhorn project was named for the Longhorn bar between ski resorts Whistler and Blackcomb. How do you get to the Longhorn bar? Take route 99, of course.

RedHat's Fedora's site says: "The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software."

When I start a photo blog, it's gonna look like what Phil Ackley's done. Stunning photography played big. Nice shots from Alaska Phil!

Congrats to Jeremy Allison and team for shipping Samba3. Jeremy is one of those guys who hangs around my weblog a lot and is often taking me to task. I guess I could label him a Microsoft hater, but the last time I did that I got in trouble, so I won't. Heh. In all seriousness, I appreciate the folks who hang around and give me and Microsoft a hard time. They push me and the anthill to do better. What fun would life be if you stayed the same and didn't learn anything new?

Oh, and yes, I realize that Samba3 allows Linux and UNIX servers to replace Microsoft Windows NT Domain Controllers. Like I said, I track not only stuff Microsoft does, but also our competitors here too. How can an evangelist really be an evangelist if he doesn't understand the entire marketplace? says they are weblogs for business. Anyone know anything more about them?

Joi Ito reports on his experiences during a powerful earthquake that hit Japan today.

Kamat has a different kind of Long Horn. Heh.

InformationWeek: Microsoft is keen on Green. I hadn't heard about this until today. Demonstrates how large a company this is that I work for. One nice thing about our corporate intranet is that nearly every team openly shares at least some information. So, I typed in "green" in my browser at work and I got a ton of info. Sounds like a real interesting initiative.

ZDNet: Eclipse emerges from Microsoft's shadow.

"Ironically, while Redmond has been busy stepping up its battle on the OS front, another industry-wide movement is posing the first genuine threat to Microsoft’s famous hold on developers. That movement is Eclipse."

Electronic Design has a good primer on Eclipse and there's a Wiki on the topic too.

Alan Reiter has the best review I've seen of the new Nokia phone. I wish Microsoft had something as cool as this Nokia phone.

Korby Parnell: "Scoble's diary is like a cross between a Mozart symphony, an episode of Jerry Springer, the Wall Street Journal, and Sabado Gigante. It is exhausting, immersive, and at times, maddening. It is a modern serial in the Dickensian tradition. It is linksalicious."

Wow, that's the wildest thing I've ever seen written about me. He continues: "More and more, it seems that Robert Scoble has become a lightning rod for Microsoft. He is our blogger-laureate."

For anyone in the Bellevue area looking for a dentist: I can't say enough good things about Abraham Ghorbanian of Sunrise Dental. He's simply the best dentist I've ever been to. Yes, Microsoft's insurance is welcome here. He says he set up his practice around Microsoft. He comes in on Sunday. He works late in the evening. He has Windows computers which show you videos on the proceedures that'll be done.

Dave Winer sees evil meaning in temp files. Actually, Dave, if you look at how they work, your temp folder will take something like 5% of your hard drive and then delete as that folder fills up.

Why is it there? To make it faster to surf around (Internet Explorer caches graphics and pages so that you don't need to redownload a lot of stuff everytime you visit a new page on a site).

Longhorn won't change this behavior. Also, he has it backwards. We don't do this to sell more drives, we just notice that most people now are buying 100GB drives and not putting all that much on them. I have 5300 pictures (5 megapixels) for instance. That's only 12GB.

Translation: Longhorn will probably use even more hard drive space than Windows XP did.

Hanan Cohen has 44 reasons why he doesn't write a weblog.

Comments look like they are working again. Hey, now you can flame me at will!