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Today's Stuff Thursday, October 02, 2003

Oh, if you need directions to the dinner, phone me at 408-314-8233, or IM/email me at

Welp, that's enough for your aggregator for the evening. Tonight, please feel free to come and hang out with Jeff Julian and me (and a cast of other geeks). We'll meet over at the Crossroads' food court at 6:30 p.m. Yes, it's another geek dinner!

Loren answers a request to compare and contrast ShareKMC and Synergy (he wrote ShareKMC, which I talked about the other day).

Ahh, my old friend Zane Thomas finally starts a weblog. It only took 3.5 years of chiding. Of course, what did he do? Immediately started wondering if Microsoft would ever deliver a componentized operating system.

Zane is one of those guys who just knows how to push your buttons. He should be quite a good weblogger. Of course, he's another one of those guys who tends to eventually challenge your assumptions. I need more friends like that.

Microsoft Monitor: Microsoft's autumn harvest.

The Sydney Morning Herald's David Stonehouse: The world's best blogs.

Sigh, I didn't make the list. I got a consolation prize, though. David wrote me and told me he reads and likes my blog.

BusinessWeek: MSN's smart move on anonymous chat -- Sorry, critics. Microsoft's decision to limit its service to paying customers makes sense both legally and economically.

Tech Central Station: Is Arnold good for Silicon Valley?

You know, Gizmodo just is the coolest site for a geek toy lover like me.

If you're a Silicon Valley geek, and you want to keep your "geek ID" what's the best way to do it? That's right, build your own Segway.

MIT Technology Review's Bruce Sterling: Ten Technologies that Deserve to Die.