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Daily Permalink Monday, October 27, 2003

The MSDN Longhorn Dev Center is now open. Tons of info about Longhorn.

J. Scott Johnson's Feedster search engine just keeps getting better and better (he's spidering all the XML/RSS feeds that are on blogs and other sites and letting you search only those). I keep wondering if we're going to be talking about Feedster the way we talk about Google today. Remember, five years ago Google didn't exist. Five years ago everyone in the industry said "Alta Vista is the best."

Want to keep in touch with what the bloggers are saying at the PDC? Check out the Feedster PDC page.

First report from the keynotes that are still ongoing (I'm missing Jim Allchin doing a "Lap around Longhorn" right now).

Hillel Cooperman, while demonstrating the new "glass" interface of the new UI (code-named Aero) asked the audience "who will be the first to blog about this?" Someone in the audience yelled "Scoble."

Well, that's quite an honor.

He was showing a new sidebar part in Longhorn that displays RSS feeds in real time.

So, what did he show on stage? The new UI direction that has not yet been seen outside of a very small group inside Microsoft (the PDC builds only have the "Slate" theme, not the new "Aero" interface).

Before last night I hadn't even seen the new Aero UI. I'm going to keep my comments to myself and let the community talk about it cause I'm biased and I'd rather you hear first reactions from attendees themselves.

Yeah, Don Box is a real geek. He's posting to my comments at 3 a.m. See ya on the other side of a short nap. Sleep? Yeah, right. That's what we can do later. Heh.

Thanks to Drew and Kevin for the awesome job they are doing on the PDC Blogs. They were up until 2 a.m. looking for great stuff to post. I hope they can keep up later today when the flood gates (or is that Gates) get turned on. Heck, I hope I can keep up.

Another "real geek" Scott Hanselman, has been posting photos and stuff to his PDC blog at 2 a.m.

Scott Burke has a PDC Photoblog going. Cool. Now, I know Scott's a real geek. Why do I know that? Cause he's up at 2 a.m. just like me and Jeff and Shawn and a whole bunch of other PDC attendees. And people say that Microsoft doesn't have a cool community. Hogwash!

By the way, Shawn says that at previous events he noticed that people wanted to start their own blog rather than post to a massive group blog. If you start one of your own photo blogs, please let me know about it. I'll link to that as well.

Heh, Jeff Julian just posted a picture of his version of the "Longhorn salute." Keep those pictures coming to the PDC Photo Blog!

You know, Shawn Honnick over at Text America rocks. I asked him for help on the PDC Photoblog and he answered instantly back. Now we have a new look and he's working on making it even better.

I was just talking with Jeff Julian. He said "you have the greatest job, just in case you didn't know."

Jeff doesn't know the half of it. Some of my friends keep asking me "why would you move 1000 miles to work for Microsoft? That company stinks." In about seven hours I finally will be able to show why I went and why I think Microsoft is a great company to work for.

I know that sounds like KoolAid Drinking 101, but back in February I got invited to see a Longhorn demo. It changed my life. Now you get to see why.

Yes, Jeff, I can't imagine too many jobs that would be more fun than mine is.

In other words: "mooooooo."

Yet more blogs! The INETA board of directors is posting to Love that URL!

Christopher Coulter just told me that the MSN Messenger team just shipped a new version 6.1 the other day. Improvements for Tablet users.

Amand M. just told me about yet another .NET Weblogs aggregated community here. Man, how can anyone keep track of all these weblogs. Heh. There's no way that I could without having an RSS News Aggregator.

Alright, attendees are writing me on IM to tell me that they've arrived. Yes, registration is opening at 6 a.m. tomorrow. The more people who register early, the better it is for everyone. We expect a crowd tomorrow because of all the late flights.

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