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Today's Stuff Sunday, October 05, 2003

Paul Thurrott: Watching the Web Milk Longhorn for All It's Worth.

Hey, isn't that the kettle calling the pot black? :-)

St. Petersburg Times: "District's move to drop Apples leaves sour taste. Many criticize the way the superintendent let them know of his decision to switch schools to PCs exclusively."

Man, does this open a can of worms. My son's previous school was completely Apple. Before I worked at Microsoft I offered to donate some equipment to the school (PC based because I got a great deal on some used equipment). They turned me down because they wanted to stay with an all-Apple environment. I quit the technology committee after that. Just seemed irrational to turn down free equipment when they didn't have enough computers for every student.

My son's new school doesn't have any computers for teachers or students.

I was talking about this with Gary Cornell, the guy who started APress. He was complaining that he is forced to buy Macs for his designers. He told me about how he buys refurbished P4 computers for about $500 that run circles around the $2000 Macs he buys, but that his designers don't care and won't use PCs.

I've been on both sides of this argument, though. At West Valley Community College, I argued with everyone to put in Macs instead of going with DOS-based computers.

Today, I really don't care which computer my son learns at school. Any computer is better than none. If a school can get three computers for $1500 instead of only one, I know which way I'd go if I was the school's administrator.

Roy Osherove wonders just why .NET Rocks is interested in talking with me. Heh, maybe because Carl and I go way back and we might have some interesting stories to talk about? Seriously, he's right. It was yet another way to prepare for the PDC and for Longhorn and talk about Microsoft from the inside.

But, you try saying something interesting every day when you work on a project that can't be discussed until October 27. Also, most of my readers don't follow the .NET Weblogs, so they appreciate me telling them when something interesting is going on.

But, good criticism. I'll try to come up with some interesting things here.

Part of it is I'm under the gun at work. I have a project due tomorrow. And another one due after that. It's hard to write well after you work a long day. Remember, blogging is NOT in my job responsibilities and I do it only at night.

Good morning, I'm being interviewed right now for a .NET Rocks show that'll air in a week or two.