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Today's Stuff Friday, October 24, 2003

Some other PDC things. Remember your laptop, your charger. We're trying to provide enough outlets, but whenever I go to a conference now I carry a power strip with me too, just in case.

Remember your business cards. The weather is warm (about 80 degrees). I'll be on IM (my IM and email is -- please say hi!

Just a couple more days!

Oh, and the Avalon team is running a cool "make an Avalon Screen Saver" contest and will be giving away a Media Center Edition ($1500 value) and a couple of Xboxes. More info on that will be posted by Sunday here. Don't worry, they'll teach you everything you need to know to build a great screen saver in the hands-on-labs.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the Monday night Bird of a Feather session on Weblogging. It's at 10 p.m. Looks like Robert McLaws has put together a great session.

We'll have a "party within a party" on Wednesday night. The webloggers will meet somewhere inside Universal on Wednesday evening during the big attendee party.

Marc Canter is funny: "How to suck up to Microsoft."

OK, I'm off to go to the PDC. Before I leave, here's one link: Halley Suitt on the "Politics of Male Blogging."

Over on my Longhorn Blog, I've posted my first PDC 2003 report and my first picture from PDC 2003.