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Today's Stuff Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A hot new .NET Rocks is up. This time with interview of Scott Guthrie of the ASP.NET team.

Dan Shafer: Why are Windows Web Browsers So Much Better? (Than Mac ones).

This has been around for a while, but here's a way to search Google for information on your favorite operating system.

Trying to learn ASP.NET? Here's a good free library to start with.

Dan Shafer: Has platform-specific UI outlived its usefulness?

Dan: no way! Lowest-common-denominator approaches will not keep up with platform-specific approaches in my lifetime.

Wow, I'm listed as a "friend of the Hawk." I'm honored.

Virus Bulletin: "The single biggest security issue facing Linux users at the moment is the misconception perpetuated by highly vocal advocates that Linux is somehow impenetrable to security-based attacks, and in particular, viruses and other malware."

Sean Gallagher: "Blogging, is, at some level, the greatest ego-satisfaction engine created by modern technology."

He also asks whether gateway bloggers have an obligation to be balanced. I don't think they do, but I think the ones that are balanced will get more readers than ones who only stick on one side, or the other.

That's why I link to competitors and "ABM" (Anything But Microsoft) sites and weblogs. You'll notice that the ABM sites don't link to me. That means you can learn more here than over there.

By the way John, the MVP program is NOT an evangelistic organization. You get into the MVP program by supporting existing customers. Not by getting people to switch to something different.

Behavior that gets considered for MVP award: "Here's how to fix your problems with Windows XP..."

Behavior that is appreciated, but won't get you considered for an MVP award: "You should consider Longhorn because it'll solve your problem."

The problem is, many MVPs do participate in evangelistic behavior. Why? Because they are experts. They are credible. They love talking tech. But, if you want to get into the MVP program, you need to support existing products and help people get more from what they already have.

I'm starting to agree we need a new term to define the behavior of telling people about new technology or methodology.

Paolo is building a little app for those of you with PocketPCs to keep track of things at the PDC. That's awesome. Our customers rock!

Some of the MVPs are giving me heck over my job title (technical evangelist). They hate the title and say they are reminded of religious people who wake them up on Sunday morning trying to convert them.

Well, that is sort of like my job. Don't be suprised if I knock on your door soon and try to get you to sit through a demo of Longhorn. Heh. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

The title was invented by Apple. So, maybe we should innovate and come up with a title of our own. What do you think? What should my title be?

One MVP (Brian Sullivan) says I should be called "product promoter" or simply "marketing." But, my day job really isn't marketing, and I'm not paid for my weblog work, so "product promoter" doesn't match what I do.

So, what does an evangelist do? Most of the team I'm on is doing things like building demos for Gates and Allchin to use at PDC. Or, meeting with customers to help them develop software for Longhorn (some of it is a marketing role, where you need to convince them that it's a big enough deal to do that, but most of the role is training/relationship/partnership role).

I'll be honest. I like the title. Why? Because it starts a conversation. Most people DO react negatively, or at least with suprise, when they learn of the title, but that almost always starts a conversation and that makes the job a lot easier.

I wonder what Guy Kawasaki thinks? He was the first technology evangelist.

Yes, this is yet another blatant ploy to talk about something other than stuff I can't talk about until October 27. :-)

Ken Levy tells me his team just released a service pack for Visual FoxPro 8.0. Wait a second, I heard a rumor that we killed FoxPro. Who the heck is still working on this? I've gotta report them to Ballmer. :-)

Dylan Greene: How Microsoft could stop spyware and adware with Longhorn.

Interesting stuff. Let's talk again at/after the PDC.

CNN now says that Arnold is now governor of California and Davis has been recalled. Of course, if you read Matt Drudge, you would have known that two hours ago.