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Daily link Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Just loaded some video to Channel9.

So far we've scheduled to release two new video "postlets" every day.

Charles and I interviewed Michael Howard, Microsoft's security expert, in the cafeteria of building 50.

Joe Beda is in his office over in building 9.

Subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll automatically get this stuff pushed down to you and you won't need to look at the orange color scheme we picked for the Website.

5:30:26 PM    comment 

Feature request. OK, you know Microsoft MapPoint or Streets & Trips? Well, next time Microsoft brings 1500 geeks into a town (I hear we're gonna do another Professional Developer's Conference sometime in the first half of 2005, by the way) let's have some new software ready for them. MapPoint Blogger Edition.

Imagine if you had that on your PocketPC or SmartPhone. Now, you're standing in front of the first Starbucks. Why can't you leave a blog on the map? That way when other people are looking up what to do in Seattle, they'll see all the previous posts someone else has left.

Wouldn't that be cool?

4:59:34 AM    comment 

More pictures of that "crazy Longhorn guy" (aka me, among other MVP Global Summit partiers last night) are leaking onto the Internet.

Here's J. Ambrose Little's pictures.

And Scott Hanselman's MVP Photoblog. Yeah, on Sunday there were a group of MVPs following me around downtown Seattle. Very strange. Oh, and when my group met up with Alan Griver/Ken Levy's group, all traffic stopped in the market for a while.

Next year we're definitely going to do a bus trip somewhere cool.

4:56:00 AM    comment 

I just uploaded a bunch of stuff to my experimental aggregator blog (it's stuff I found interesting from my 1400+ blogs that I read. Not written by me, just chosen by me).

4:41:27 AM    comment 

Dave Winer writes nice things about Channel9. Some clarifications:

1) It's not just the Robert and Jeff show. Bryn Waibel and Charles Torre did the coding, David Shadle did the design, with direction from Jeff and Lenn. Jeff herded all the cats. Bryn, Jeff, and Charles have done interviews on video too. Plus, there's lots of other people you'll see doing videos (including all the Longhorn evangelists like Dave Massey, Steve Cellini, Craig Jaris, Jeremy Mazner, Karsten Januszewski, and Ray Winninger). More cast members being added daily.

2) We aren't releasing the traffic data, but we did far more than 10,000 visits in one day. Heck, at one point last night we had 10,000 concurrent visitors on the site at one time! And we've had thousands of people register. Simply amazing traffic for something that didn't exist just 36 hours ago.

3) Matt Goyer's on my list of people I want to interview (translation: I want to get another demo of the new Media Center that's coming later this year).

4) Do I sleep? No. It's ship time!

4:26:20 AM    comment 

Microsoft Monitor yells at us for choosing to use Windows Media technologies on Channel9.

We're responsible for that. Here's why we did that.

We're doing a lot with a little bit of budget.

This is a common misconception about Microsoft: "don't you guys have $50 billion to play with?" The really harsh answer is: no.


See, that money belongs to our investors. And we don't just spend it without having a darn good reason. So, when we came up with the idea of Channel9 we didn't just get unlimited resources to do everything perfect.

There's existing infrastructure here we are able to leverage. already has streaming video servers. We just needed to talk our way onto those. If we wanted to host QuickTime or Real format, or something else, we'd need to get someone to approve that and install it. A big pain in the behind and it would mean talking our team's exec's into funding that work.

One thing, though. Windows Media files should play on the Macintosh. Might not work in Safari, but we're working on those bugs. The RSS video feed uses enclosures, so that's one way to get the videos pushed down.

I agree that we want to reach Linux developers...we'll have to work on that. Actually, now that we have the site done, it's a lot easier to sell execs on funding more features (particularly when they see our traffic levels).

3:52:21 AM    comment 

Ahh, Sun Microsystems' Tim Bray says "get rid of those stupid Office ads."

I hear that campaign is toast. None too soon, either.

I've been railing on the marketing folks to show off our software. Very few people can tell you even one new feature in the new Office 2003. Seriously. In airports I ask people who use computers but don't have the new Office.

3:23:36 AM    comment 

Doug Kaye interviewed a bunch of us on the phone in a conference call about RSS and Atom. You can listen in on it.

2:41:50 AM    comment 

Some ideas for Channel9:

1) We've had so much traffic in the first day that my friends are saying we should do "Channel9 get togethers." Both online and in the flesh. I think that's a great idea.

2) The tech blogger world needs a directory. Maybe that's something that people would like to do on the Channel9 Wiki. What do you think?

2:18:03 AM    comment 

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