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Daily link Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Congratulations to Dave Sifry and Technorati for now indexing more than two million weblogs.

Congratulations to Dave Winer for doing Scripting News for seven years (as of tomorrow).

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Oh, this is cool. Peter points to Kunal, who is working on an Outlook app that'd give me my "magic folder." I wish I had this yesterday. I have so much cool stuff that I've been storing up for the past week that I want to share with you but don't have time to do it.

But don't you need to add a comment? someone asked me recently. Not really. Because I'm watching 1420+ RSS feeds now, and collecting the best stuff from those feeds I think there's a great deal of value in sharing that stuff with you. I probably would do it on a separate blog, though.

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Oh, by the way, yesterday we showed some bloggers Channel9. Dave Weinberger and Marc Canter got a look.

It's an important part of building buzz. If you ask industry leaders for their feedback, they feel ownership of what you're doing and are more likely to tell other people. Plus, smart people often come up with great ideas of things to do better.

You don't need to tell very many people, either. Onfolio only showed one blogger their product. But that helped them with their marketing quite a bit.

Remember, ICQ was released November 1, 1996 to 40 people. Within six weeks they had 65,000 downloads.

This is the power of weblogs. One little link, if it's popular, can get spread around quite fast.

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Andrew Orlowski of the Register has been pretty anti-blog in the past year, but I see an archive page of his that he's doing which looks a lot like a blog. Ahh, but no RSS feed. Anyone who publishes a new site nowadays without a syndication/XML feed is not serving their most important readers.

12:51:08 PM    comment 

Sorry I haven't been posting. Been working hard on Channel9. I played camera monkey to Jeff Sandquist this morning as we filmed Pat Helland. Pat's an interesting guy. Has hundreds of Pez dispensers in his office. And is one of the best storytellers Microsoft has. He came here 10 years ago from Tandem and is one of the leading thinkers on Service Oriented Architectures at Microsoft.

Anyway, more to come soon on Channel9 -- I hear we launch next week. If you're a Microsoft employee you can get a preview at http://channel9.

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